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M.H. Fors

Mary ForsAfter more than 20 years of working with leaders, helping them to get the skills they need, Mary decided to write things down. Why? As different as we all are, the same leadership issues keep coming up. The book focuses on the reality of the leadership and how the basics work, standing the test of time. Mary also pokes some holes in the basic excuses leaders use.

In addition to the years of experience working everyone from newly promoted housekeeping leaders to senior executives in Fortune 10 companies, Mary has got advanced degrees in education and business and is certified in far too many assessment tools than she probably needs to be.

Mary lives in the South, where she gloriously doesn’t have to shovel snow, with her two Superdogs. She loves helping people grow their skills and watching them use them for good (not evil), reading, traveling, sending gifts to the Trio of Trouble (nephews and niece), and, of course, writing.

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Just Lead, Would You? – For People Leaders (Leadership/Non-Fiction/Self-Development)

just leadLeadership isn’t difficult. Surprised? Based on the number of poor leaders we suffer through every day, you should be. The reality is everyone has the potential to be a good leader, some just choose not to. If you are a new graduate, someone who is looking to lead a team, or you are struggling as a current people leader – this book is for you. It’s a “quick and dirty” insight to the key components of what makes a successful people leader. The good news? You can lead, but you don’t have to lead by yourself. This book will help you.”

“‘Just Lead Would You? For People Leaders’ is an insightful book on leadership that is based on the real world and written in a refreshing and entertaining style by someone who has experienced it from multiple perspectives. The critiques and suggestions apply to senior executives and supervisors alike, but are also valuable for everyone in the workforce to learn how to navigate the corporate world and avoid career ending mistakes. The book describes what most people know and observe in the workplace related to company politics and culture, but is rarely written about in management literature. You will smile, laugh and cringe at the contents of this book as you relate to the examples and stories.

There is a plethora of books on leadership that suggest what you should do, but this book outlines how to survive and succeed in trying to do it in an organization.”