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Maggie McGuinness

Maggie McGuinness has always been fascinated by people and the ways they relate to each other. Now, after years of observing and experiencing life in all its messy and chaotic glory – it’s time to write about it!

Maggie lives in a remote coastal town perched on the bottom right-hand corner of Australia. She writes and edits in the business world for a living, but longs to be able to sit at home all day in PJs, drinking tea and writing fiction. Maggie’s hobbies are walking her rescue dog Tilly on the beach, learning the art of wood splitting, and perfecting her own extreme sport of combining Zumba and cooking.

Her first novel, Planet Single, is a romcom that was fuelled by her experiences of online dating, which didn’t provide a life partner but was a brilliant source of material. Her second novel, Mirrabooka Magic, is a sweet, contemporary romance with a remote coastal setting suspiciously like her own town.

Novels three and four are well underway, and that dream of being a full-time fiction writer is inching closer. In preparation, Maggie is expanding her flannel-wear and teapot collection and has become addicted to trawling dog-rescue websites (one rescue dog just isn’t enough!)

Maggie would love to hear from you, and you can find her here:

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Planet Single – Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy Fiction, Commercial Fiction

Love, lust, deceit, bad kissers . . . and that was all on Tuesday. Welcome to life on Planet Single!

Being dumped back into single life makes Katerina feel like she’s on a different planet. Things have certainly changed. You can shop online for men now, with a bewildering array of choice, but there doesn’t seem to be a refund policy. Was looking for love always this complicated?

Join Maggie McGuinness in a celebration of love, laughter, starting over – and how friendship can be the sweetest revenge.

(Some sex scenes – not explicit – and lots of ‘colourful’ language.)

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Mirrabooka Magic – Romance, Commercial Fiction

She’s had it with cities – and the men who live in them.

Juliet Cooper is going home. She and her Australian cattle dog, Ruby Roo, are going back to the coastal village of Mirrabooka and the people who truly care about them. There, Juliet’s wounded soul will be soothed by the ocean and the unspoiled wilderness she loves. She is never going to change her life for a man again. Love? That’s a game fraught with danger, and she’s had enough of it.

He’s a city dweller, through and through.

Finn McLaren isn’t happy about his enforced sojourn in the middle of nowhere. He’s right out of his comfort zone with no nightlife, limited cuisine options and internet access that seems to depend on the alignment of the planets. He can’t wait to get back to civilization – until his absent landlord arrives home. He can’t help but feel drawn to that gorgeous woman with honey-blonde hair and the face of an angel – even if it might be an angry sort of angel.

And then two worlds collide.

Right from the get-go, there’s something between Juliet and Finn that cannot be ignored. Sooner or later, decisions will have to be made. What will triumph – head or heart? Will the beauty of Mirrabooka be able to work its magic?

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