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Maria Liviero

Maria based in the UK has received an award for her first book that had been in the planning for five years. With the many ups and downs of writing she is persistent and determined to reach her goal and to share how she managed her struggles and continues to self-develop because there is no end but a beginning.

Maria is a psychotherapist by training with a MSc in addictive behaviour, and Diploma in psychotherapy. In her experience, the dark side of human nature is of equal or even greater importance – without being conscious of our shadow we continue to live in fear, discord with ourselves and others. Maria believes to understand ourselves we must travel the path of self-discovery. This can mean transcending our false ego to live a fulfilling life without the shackles that we have created like the internet, mobiles phones, addictions, relationships, negative thinking, and statements like I want, I must, I need in spite of the other.

Maria’s passion is to show how suffering is an important part of life that must not be repressed or pushed aside by using a person, a thing or a situation to relieve us from the inner despair but take the experience to evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually. At the time it seems impossible to get out of where you are, but there is a way out with guidance and support. The message is that a mistake is never a mistake, it’s your brain relearning.

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God’s Labyrinth of Good and Evil: Encountering the Self (Self-Help, Spirituality)

God’s Labyrinth of Good and Evil: Encountering the Self is Maria’s debut title showcasing her talents. This self-help masterpiece explores the human experience through a character called Eve who enters into a parallel universe between Genesis and present-day life.

Readers have critically acclaimed her fantastic debut, scoring positive reviews with commentary of praise. Trust her perspective to bring passages that resonate with readers and build a path to becoming your best person through the connection of your higher self.

Maria’s debut book has the eminence to win over hearts and minds, and there’s more to come.

“Essentially, it’s a self-help book where Eve, the original Eve from Genesis, plays the central role. In this book, the author draws inspiration from the creation story and many other references from Genesis to describe human psyche at great length.

It’s really an interesting concept. Using Eve’s interaction with God and Devil to shed light on her addictions, subpersonalities, defence mechanisms and what is famously known as ‘seven deadly sins’ is beyond clever.

At times it reads like a scholarly article, complete with an introduction and conclusion, other times it reads like a self- help book dressed in a fictional ensemble. From arguments about God’s sovereignty to Devil’s dominion, from Eve’s experiences in parallel universe to her journey towards self-discovery.

Part psychological, part self-help, part metaphysical – it’s a book for those who are interested in investigating the depths of self that will take one on a journey of encountering good and evil within, a journey first introduced in the creation story of Genesis.”