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Marsy Beron

marsyMarsy Beron was born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. She graduated from the University of Sofia, major in Bulgarian Philology, and worked as a teacher for a couple of years. However, she felt that teaching was not her vocation, so she moved to journalism. Marsy wrote for various newspapers and magazines for over 20 years, and in 2007, created her own journalistic website. Her focus has always been mostly on political and social issues. Her work allowed her to get intimately familiar with the “kitchen” of politics, as well as with the problems of orphanages, crisis centers for victims of domestic violence, homes for elderly and sick people.

In her career as a journalist, Marsy accumulated a wealth of knowledge about local affairs, geo-political issues and society as a whole. She realized that situations and people were rarely what they seemed – there have always been hidden mechanisms and agendas that have governed the lives of individuals and society in general. Her desire to understand the inner workings of society gradually led her to psychology.

Marsy decided to follow her passion and change professions when her elder daughter was already a student at the university, despite the opinions of friends and relatives who openly expressed their doubts with relation to the usefulness and rationality of her intentions. She began her studies for a Gestalt psychotherapist at the National Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Bulgaria, enrolling at the same time in a course of the University of Sofia – “Philosophy of Mind and Language”. Now she works as a Gestalt psychotherapist in his hometown Sofia, and continued to write books in several genres.

“The Power of Labels” is her only book in English.


The Power of Labels (Self-Help, Non-Fiction)

power of labelsThis book cannot be retold, it is like a journey between the pieces of our soul, like a flow which we have to cross, but there are not so many stones where we can gain a foothold and take a rest before to go on.
The labels bring us pain, the labels push us down and destroy our self-esteem, bring us fears, sense of guilt, anger to ourselves, to others, to the life as general. We are not perfect, but we are not so bad and weak also as labels make us to percept ourselves.
In the book “The Power of Labels” everybody will find a piece of his/her life story. There are many explanations about how we labeled each other, tips, exercises, thought experiments and all about the ways how to rid of the labels.
The problem of labels and labeling is widespread in modern society, but it has rarely been considered from the aspect Marsy Beron has done it. It is often that we talk about labeling specific minority ethnic or social groups, but we rarely mention how labels, with which the environment bombards us on a daily basis, affect the psyche of the individual. This problem is part of our mental health and our everyday life. “The Power of Labels” analyzes the reasons behind this psychological phenomenon and provides ideas and guidelines for ways to handle it.
The book is rather intended as a guide for its readers to encourage them to find their inner center, and maintain their balance before health problems appear.
Beron’s main focus is the distortion in self-perception that accumulates over time through communication with others and how these distortions gradually turn into beliefs, complexes and unproductive behaviors that make it difficult to achieve goals and diminish one’s satisfaction with life.
Author Marsy Beron shares many examples from her work as psychotherapist and insights on the impact of labels on the psyche and suggests ways to get out of the vicious cycle of self-blame and dependence on the approval of others.
The book is very different from all the self-help books. It is like a free psychotherapy which would give you a different point of view on your life, communication with others, and your true self.