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Matilda Swinney

Matilda Swinney is one of Medium’s Top Writers in Relationships, Mental Health, Life Lessons and This Happened To Me. She has received over 1 million views since joining Medium in December 2019. She is the author of the novelette, The Texts Before We Met, and the novel, The Girl Who Jumped. She is also a sticker book enthusiast and a proud mother of two daughters. Her debut novelette, The Texts Before We Met, is a collection of real-life text messages that took place the week before the meeting that changed her life forever.

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The Texts Before We Met (Steamy Romance, Romance)

As Tilly begins the scariest adventure of her life, she has no idea who to turn to. Should she listen to her head, her heart or the butterflies dancing in her stomach? Follow the real-life text messages between Tilly and her mystery man as she comes to terms with her own desires, watches out for red flags and ultimately makes the biggest decision of her life. Would you follow your desires even if they put your life in danger?
Prepare to ride the tension and excitement of The Texts Before You Met, an epistolary novelette, the prequel of a captivating series about love, Jimmy Choos and the power of the universe.

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