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Mesha Daniel

Mesha Daniel has been in the realm of education for over 31 years, providing training to other teachers, students, and administrators on integrating technology into their everyday lessons and learning opportunities. She is currently a Minecraft Global Mentor, a Google Certified Trainer and Coach, an Apple Teacher and Learning Coach, as well as a Microsoft Innovate Educator Expert. She is also the mother of identical twin boys, a wife for 27+ years, and a lover of everything tech. After writing two books for educators on using digital tools in the classroom, Google-izing the Blended Classroom and Minecraft EE for Your Classroom, she decided to try her hand at a fiction piece.

The daily news and the wild conspiracy theories her husband would jokingly discuss gave Mesha all the needed elements to create her first fiction novel, Geneticide. She was a little worried that ‘they’ would come after her as the book was published prior to the pandemic since there ARE similarities, but so far, she has remained safe.

Mesha is currently plotting more tales of intrigue and deception as she always had another story brewing with treachery. Her research has led her down so many rabbit holes that she constantly quotes Fox Mulder’s mantra: “Trust No One.”

Geneticide (Thriller)

Helen Reynolds has wanted to be the leader of the free world since the day she was born. After a landslide presidential election, Helen has plans to make the U.S. a kinder, more compliant country. She works with a DNA specialist who has discovered that our genetic code can determine our loyalties and our political leanings. A profile for those who would be “disloyal” to her
administration is created and will be used to “weed out” those who cannot be trusted to obey the laws.

When the largest genealogy company in the world is secretly purchased, Helen gains access to millions of DNA profiles. These genetic portraits will serve as the epicenter of many horrific and catastrophic events that will be orchestrated by the very government trusted to protect its people. As the country fills with fear, Helen’s hunger for power increases, and so does her plan to eliminate the seditious from all around the world.

A few members of her inner circle begin to uncover the truth, and they have vowed to take Helen down at all costs. Which side will be triumphant?

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