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Michael Arterberry

With his captivating and empowering style, Michael leaves people with the aspiration and inspiration to be better; moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

As a teenager, Michael was fortunate to receive guidance from positive adult role models who helped him overcome adversities and set high expectations for his future. Grateful for the role these mentors played in his own development, Michael decided to dedicate his professional life to helping people navigate the difficulties of life and launch their future into motion.

Michael’s passion in life is to help people become the best versions of themselves. He does this by living life to the fullest himself, so that others will Be Encouraged!!!

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Be Encouraged: 250 Days of Motivation and Encouragement (Mind, body, spirit; Inspirational; Self-help/self-development; Spirituality)

My life is dedicated to moving people from an uneasy time in their lives to a place of peace. I can’t change your circumstances, but I can help change your perspective. I hope to help you understand that it’s not about the destination, but the battles you have won along the way. I encourage you to hold on and understand that bad doesn’t look bad when there is good in it. People will follow you if you inspire them. I work hard to inspire, lead, encourage, and celebrate the people that come into my life. BE ENCOURAGED!!!


You can also learn HOW Michael became the inspirational, motivating person that he is today by reading “God Was Holding My Hand: Michael Arterberry’s Story”.