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Michelle Medhat

Michelle Medhat BWMichelle Medhat has had an exciting career that spans over 24 years in technology, science, education and marketing. Currently, Michelle is Director of Operations and Strategic Development at NEF: The Innovation Institute, an educational charity and professional institute that she co-founded with her husband Professor Sa’ad Medhat in 2004. The Institute has donated millions of pounds to the science, engineering and technology education sector, and has helped to improve the lives of over 500,000 people.

In Michelle’s time, she has headed up an e-learning company, an events and media company and a management consultancy. She has even created (from scratch) an educational institutional overseas (in Dubai) with her husband based on the UK educational system. Over the years, Michelle has worked with clients from BBC, Channel 4, EDF Energy, GSK, Walkers, Whitbread, and the NHS. Michelle has always tried to stay ahead of her time. A case in point being, back in 1995 she orchestrated the first international conference in the UK on multimedia communications (MediaComm) when the Internet was at its infancy. Backed by leading media and press organisations (BBC, ITN, The Independent, Times Higher) and technology companies (IBM, BT, Philips), the event introduced the public then to an unknown technology called ‘entertainment on demand’.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys writing, reading, painting and singing. During her career, she has written extensively for publications, journals and newspapers, and has numerous short stories published in various anthologies. Connected: The Call is her first full book to be published.

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Behind the Book – Getting Connected

Connected: The Call, is a spy thriller that blends surreal and science fact, into a fast moving novel that, by the end of book, the reader will be left breathless, with more questions than answers. However, those answers will be found in the sequel Connected: The Shift which will be out in Spring 2014.

Those readers that have read Connected: The Call stated that there is a mood that seems to capture the deep feelings of people today. It touches on a number of themes that affect our modern lives: the mistrust of establishment, the fact that the government and its agencies can do almost anything with impunity, and civilians have little redress; the fears of terrorism (in any form) and a general feeling that we’ve all gone too far. The book counters these dark themes with a solid hope that things will somehow improve and the balance shift that has occurred can be reversed.

The book handles some very strong themes, and presents situations that are virtually intractable for the protagonists, although despite this, there is a continuous underlying strength in faith and a belief in love and goodness.

A somewhat unique feature of the book is the ‘connectedness’ of everything. People that have read Connected: The Call and Connected: The Shift (published Spring 2014) have commented that they ‘enjoyed seeing how everything came together’ and even how seemingly little events had a meaning and purpose. This connectedness is something that I believe in – how a small event can have massive consequences – and how, in this fast moving world we live in, these connections can sometimes be forgotten.

Connected also has a strong, technological feel to it, and all the technology and science that has been included is grounded in the principles of ‘real science’. Over the years being in technology, science and engineering, I have accumulated an array of articles and information relating to these technologies, and together with over 24 years of technical knowledge, I have been able to create devices in Connected series that have been termed as ‘highly plausible’ and ‘believable’ by those who have read the book. (Even by a writer of science fact).

Connected: The Call & The Shift – AUTHOR’S CUT (Thriller/Commercial Fiction)

Sam loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Sam. They have the perfect marriage. Only, everything that Sam has told Ellie is a lie, and very soon his world breaks into hers in ways she cannot possible imagine. For Ellie Noor, an innocent woman who is at the centre of it all, one unexplained moment starts a chain reaction leading to series of events that will change her life forever.

As new dimensions are revealed, Ellie and Sam are plunged into a world where nothing is what it seems. In the quest for domination, only one will remain ‘white of heart’. The shifting brutal power-play between desperate governments and terrorist collectives only masks a catastrophic truth.

But will Sam and Ellie survive long enough to overcome the accursed forces that threaten their lives and the world around them? And what will happen when they face the darkest force of all…? One thing is certain, nothing’s a coincidence, everything’s connected.

Editorial Reviews

“If you are looking for a well thought out story, from a writer that is showing great early promise, you could do a lot worse than get Connected to this supernatural, spy-thriller.” Paul Martin, Self Publisher’s Showcase

“I did enjoy it and for all of those who love syfy or want to get into syfy this is the book for you. Well written and easy to follow unlike some syfy books.” Heather Austin, Kindle Book Reviews

“Violence, short chapters and a large cast of characters works in this thriller. A well written page-turner, with characters that are developed and contradictory enough to carry all the action and jargon, without being swallowed completely, which is a big achievement.” Georgina Parfitt, Towerbabel

Reviews from The Call and The Shift

“Medhat has a vivid imagination. There are some great ideas in this book. The way the mastermind put together his organization was brilliant. The technology was superb. I especially liked the nanobombs. Short chapters blasting at you give you a heightened sense of motion and speed throughout the story. The way the spies are written is very credible.”

“Is it a spy story? Is it science fiction? Is it a thriller? Well, all of the above, and more. Get ready for a roller-coaster of a ride.”

“Spy thriller cleverly intertwined with a sci-fi part perfectly in line with the increasing belief that everything and everybody is connected. A timeless battle between dark forces and the light resting on the shoulders of a Mr & Mrs Smith of a new genre.”

“Very short chapters ensure that the reader always wants to know what comes next and the book is almost impossible to set down. The descriptive style, which frequently leaves little to the imagination, also contributes to the excitement as the plot develops with quite remarkable speed.”

“I have never read anything like it. I loved the short chapters which keep the story flowing fast. It really was a mind-blowing read.”

“Spies, terrorists, superior beings! This book will grip you from the first page and has lots of unexpected twists. Incredible storyline. Well worth reading.”


Connected: The Call (Thriller/Commercial Fiction)

The CallSam loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Sam. They have the perfect marriage. Only, everything that Sam has told Ellie is a lie, and very soon his world breaks into hers in ways she cannot possible imagine.

Connected: The Call is a fast-paced, unpredictable spy thriller. With every turn of the page, a new dimension is revealed, as you go further into a world where traditional powers are failing and a new brand of enemy has the edge. Who is lying, who can be trusted, and what can be done to stop those who want to take over?

The rollercoaster ride of power, dominance, betrayal, and revenge that is Connected: The Call reveals what happens when actions are taken too far, when lines are crossed and assumptions are interpreted as real intelligence.

The shifting power-play between governments and international terrorists, where double agents, advanced technologies and brutal actions only hide a deeper truth. In the end, it will be down to control, but those who think they have it are just fooling themselves. Control belongs to another. And this is only the beginning… The fight that will follow will threaten to destroy the heart of life itself.

For Ellie Noor, everyone in some way, shape or form, is connected to her and yet her only connection is to Sam. Ellie is an innocent woman who somehow becomes at the centre of it all, and one unexplained, bizarre moment starts a chain reaction leading to series of events that will change her life forever.

But what isn’t she telling? … And is it all too late?

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Connected: The Shift (Thriller/Commercial Fiction)

The ShiftAfter the events of Connected: The Call, many questions remain unanswered. What isn’t Ellie telling? What will be Sam’s retribution? And what is Salim going to do next? Connected: The Shift picks up almost immediately from where The Call left off, plunging Ellie and Sam into a world where nothing is what it seems. Lives will be betrayed, revenge will be delivered and actions will be taken to excess. In the desire for power, only one will remain ‘white of heart’.

The roller-coaster ride that is Sam and Ellie’s new reality doesn’t hold back, barrelling ahead at a breakneck speed that they can’t control as they are catapulted into increasingly dangerous and incomprehensible situations.

Now all they have to do is survive the next seventy-two hours. Their only hope is to use all their abilities to overcome the accursed forces that threaten their lives and the world around them.

But will their abilities be enough when they face the darkest force of all…?