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Michelle, The Computer Lady

tmrclogoWhen Computer Technical Analyst/Tech Writer; Michelle Cox was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer, she did not give up or fall into a depression. Instead, she turned the diagnosis into a wakeup call to pursue her dream to make a difference as a children’s book author.
Michelle started a publishing company for her books with the hopes of igniting a love of reading and technology at a young age.
As a Computer, Technical Analyst and Tech Writer by day, Michelle fuses her technological and writing skills to enhance and create technical training documents.
In her latest personal project, Michelle uses her background to write for a completely different audience- the future generation of technical professionals.
With her first book, “Mommy, is the Computer Smarter than Me?” Michelle said she hopes that her book will have a positive effect, “especially in the lives of children, as they are full of wonder and are little sponges seeking information.”
Michelle was inspired to write while she was recovering from surgery.
Michelle explains, “I had my epiphany as I was at home healing and contemplating my life and how long I might have to live. With cancer, the average life expectancy is five years and that’s if you catch it early and respond to the treatments. With this knowledge, my desire has become to leave this world a little better place to live and perform work that makes a positive contribution to our lives.”
To learn more about Michelle’s journey, associates can check out her blog which includes emotional posts about her diagnosis and her writing project. The blog also includes a summary of her first book and mission statement of her project.
Michelle is also planning on releasing two more books, “Mommy; What are the Olympics?” and “Mommy, Why Can We Only See Daddy on the Computer?”

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Mommy, Is the computer smarter than me? (Children’s, Non-Fiction)

computer-smarter_coverA whimsical Children’s book created as a rhyming, picture, storytime reader for children ages four through ten. This Non-Fiction Picture book helps children understand that technology is built to assist us all, but we are smarter and more diverse in every way. It explains the Computer process in a way Children can grasp the concept. It also addresses children’s self-worth/esteem, because to Kids; it seems like adults pay more attention to their computers than to the children.
Thank you for supporting; My Dream to write for Children.