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Mikkel Høst

Mikkel grew up in a seaside town in Denmark. He has always had a fascination with adventure, mystery and mythology, picturing strange creatures that reside in spectacular places. He’s inspired by everything from books, movies and video games to the strange little moments that occur within his own life, as well as his own personal experiences.

In 2008, he dabbled in writing, but his ideas were too loose and his grasp on language too limited for it to achieve much popularity. This caused him to leave the dream behind and give up, but stories kept taking shape in his head, and the desire to entertain stayed with him.

In 2018, he slowly began to give it another shot with a project that would end up becoming his first-ever finished novel, largely thanks to encouragement and positive feedback from other writers. He has worked with independent professionals in order to reach a satisfying quality standard.

Mikkel is currently a fantasy writer first and foremost, trying to build two separate worlds for two separate audiences, but he is planning to explore several other genres as well, such as crime thrillers, comedies, and maybe even a little horror.

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Up Against Mooneye (Fantasy)

A story inspired by myths, music and magic!

Long ago, a mysterious and powerful spell shattered the world’s tallest mountain, causing it to crumble over the Great Eastern Empire’s capital. The wounded empire shunned sorcerers from that day onward.

But the worst was yet to come for those who practised the mystical arts, for something had climbed down the mountain before it fell to pieces…

An adventure for all ages!

Desperate to make something of himself, a man named Saolan is one day given the opportunity to become a sorcerer’s apprentice, on the condition that he agrees to fight a despicable creature known as Mooneye.

Join him as he journeys through an enchanted forest, a peaceful port town, an underwater kingdom and many ancient wonders left behind by the sorcerers of old.

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