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Paolo Ruggirello

Paolo Ruggirello was born on Halloween in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He and his family lived there until Paolo was eight years old, when his family moved to Oxford, Pennsylvania. In Oxford, he lived on a large farmland. Paolo, his brother, and his two sisters played outside a lot, which allowed his imagination to roam freely in that wide-open space.

Paolo and his family moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when he was about fourteen years old. In Harrisburg, he met his lifelong friend. Just before Paolo turned sixteen, he and his family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There he met many amazing people, many of whom he still connects with. Paolo graduated from Conestoga High School and was awarded a membership in the National Society of High School Scholars. It wasn’t until many years after graduation that Paolo would begin crafting his world.

In 2014, Paolo’s world began to take shape. After many arduous years and even more rewrites, Paolo had a world full of history and culture and most importantly, stories to share. In 2018, he began writing his first book. Thanks to his handsome cat, Paolo met the person he would go on to marry and he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shortly after, Paolo finished writing his first novel and published it himself in 2020.

Paolo and his wife, Minda, live in Minnesota with their daughter, Maya. Paolo spends his time writing short stories, crafting more of his world, finishing his novels, and playing video games. When his books are finished, polished, and published, he will go on to produce television and movies set in his world. Paolo dreams of helping others bring their worlds to life so we can all enjoy them.

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Upheaval (New Adult Fiction, Fantasy Action Adventure, Epic Fantasy)

Musashi Greca, leader of the Greca Farm Clan, strives to liberate his island from an oppressive ruling empire that is stripping the island of its resources. The Kantohrian empire taxes the citizens into extreme poverty. Tension boils over as the citizens threaten to revolt and the soldiers stand eager to kill. When the soldiers raid the Greca Farmland, his proteges, Miami and Aiko, take their family and run for their lives, leaving Musashi and his wife behind to deal with the Cutthroats. On the way to their Mountainside Lookout, Miami, Aiko, and their family meet a strange man and his even stranger dog. Through a tentative agreement, the Grecas manage to enlist them. Before getting settled into the Lookout, Miami, Aiko, the man, and the dog set out to meet an influential benefactor, only to discover he is also on the run! Left with nowhere to go and no one else to rely on, the family has to rely on itself and its dwindling list of allies. Can they liberate the people and expel the Kantohrian empire? Will they find Musashi or his wife, Qwen? Or will they fail, dooming the island to be swallowed whole by a savage civil war?

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