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Raj Fernandes

I love writing. Full stop. To me, writing is an outlet. It’s a personal thing that lets my inner voice be heard across a wider audience. It makes me feel connected.

This book is a little showcase of how I discovered the wonders and power of my own mind. It taught me to use curiosity in a positive way and help me save lives. Because smoking can eventually kill. If this book can in any way help protect smokers from the fatal clutches of cancer and other horrific diseases – mission accomplished!

This book offers you simple and effective ways to help you ‘kick the butt’ and say goodbye to Mr. Nic once and for all. Without the fuss. May it engage, entertain, and endear wannabe quitters to the practical tricks that these pages have in store for them. Enjoy the journey.

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Curiosity Killed The Craving (Self-Help)

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Having smoked for over 40 years, I had tried all sorts of methods of quitting. But no matter what I tried, the cravings would always return to haunt me. All attempts to overcome cravings failed until I discovered a simple technique that helped me get the better of them.

The secret turned out to be my own mind. So I practiced observing the onset of cravings in a curious, mindful way. This helped me acknowledge the presence of cravings rather than struggle with them. In this no-nonsense book, I share what has worked for me and guide you through the process from preparing to quit, to the realities of the first few days without nicotine, to making positive lifestyle changes going forward. It is full of practical tips and personal experiences.

Quitting is never easy, but trust me, if I can do it anyone can. It’s a way to say goodbye to Mr. Nicotine for good.

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