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Sally Dill

Sally Dill spent years as a designer at a large architectural firm before realizing that inspiring young minds was her true passion. After years of developing and managing an ecommerce store, selling children’s knowledge products, she decided to focus on writing children’s books—something she had been doing since she was a young girl.

THE BORING DAYS AND AWESOME NIGHTS OF ROY WINKLESTEEN is her first middle-grade novel—and, yes, the title is meant to celebrate the time most people waste dreaming. Sally is passionate about the advantages of being a night owl (nightlifer)—even if most the world doesn’t understand or appreciate them.

Ironically, she is afraid of the dark, yet she wouldn’t want her life to be any other way. Sally knows the fear of what she can’t see heightens her imagination, while the nighttime freedom, inspiration and quiet provide the ideal environment to transform her thoughts into reality.

Of course, when you’re up most the night, the demands of a nine to five world often feel like a cruel conspiracy against the light bulb and all those who stretch the bounds of its potential. So, through her books and other engagements, she is working hard to raise awareness and support for everyone who is productive while most are sleeping.

She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband (not a nightlifer), two daughters (one of which is a nightlifer), and one very spoiled dog (definitely not a nightlifer).

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The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen (Children’s fiction, Middle-grade)

Most people waste the night sleeping. As for the rest, they know better.

According to nightlifer Roy Winklesteen, daylifers have no idea what they’re missing. So, when a 2 a.m. glance out his bedroom window reveals a neighbor is hiding a secret of mythic proportions, Roy’s summer break looks a lot more exciting. Seeking a cure for being the most ignored kid in all of fifth grade, Roy knows an awesome adventure will surely get him noticed in middle school. He watches and waits for the perfect time to move in for a closer look at the mysterious man who lives one street over. Roy’s spy mission doesn’t go as planned. Still, he manages to gain access into his neighbor’s world—where mind-blowing inventions are more common than furniture and fighting crime involves transforming criminals into bumbling fools smothered in questionable goo. Every night with the neighbor brings Roy one step closer to the most daring adventure of his life. But even if he survives, he can never tell anyone about it.