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Tracey Lynn Tobin

traceylynntobin Tracey Lynn Tobin is a writer of horror, paranormal, and fantasy, and is the author of “Nowhere to Hide”, a zombie apocalypse survival horror novel, and “The Other World: Book One”, a young-adult fantasy adventure. She is a long-time lover of both classic monsters and more fantastical creatures, and when she writes she aims to thrill, chill, and excite.

A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Tracey is in her mid-thirties and has been writing fiction for more than 20 of those years. She is a seven-time participant, five-time winner, of National Novel Writing Month, and is a huge believer in writing the way that works best for you. On her blog, No Page Left Blank, she talks about her writing process, being the mother of a super-cool little grade-schooler, and life in general. When she’s not writing, Tracey is over at “Tracey’s Basement”, a YouTube channel centering around geek culture, unboxing videos, and showing off awesome collectibles.

To support her family Tracey works as an industrial technician on the Alberta oil sands, but writing is, and always will be, her passion in life. With two novels now published and available to the world, she has renewed motivation to write more, work harder, and keep pressing forward. Her current work-in-progress is Book Two of the young adult series, “The Other World”

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Nowhere To Hide (Horror)

The only thing that Nancy King has worried about since her grandmother passed away is figuring out what to do with the rest of her life. That decision is forcibly made for her the day one of the residents of her apartment building dies…and immediately rises to tear open the flesh of anyone within reach of her cold, dead fingers.

Now Nancy has found herself in a deadly game of survival against an army of zombies. She may have the will to keep running for a little while…but how long can she push forward when there is simply nowhere to hide?

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The Other World: Book One (Fantasy)

We all make mistakes.

Tori is haunted by hers, tormented by the events she put into motion that have caused her to lose the most important people in her life.

Wracked with guilt and depression, she yearns to be free of the world she has created for herself, and when a mysterious gift is returned to her seventeen years after her birth, it seems as though that wish has been unexpectedly granted. But this Other World comes with its own set of problems, torments, and dangers, as well as an enormous secret that will change Tori’s life forever.