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V.A. Lewis

V.A. Lewis is a first-time author who picked up writing in the early Winter of 2019. He was inspired to begin writing by the LitRPG Web Serial The Wandering Inn by pirateaba. His current main published story is a Monster Evolution LitRPG, but he has written an Isekai Fantasy before, and he is also dabbling into other kinds of progression fantasies such as Cultivation.

He specializes in writing fight scenes, with heavy inspiration from Japanese Light Novels and Anime in his writing style. Specifically, his main work, Salvos, is influenced by the highly popular Kumo Desu Ga Web Novel, with a stronger focus on the main character than the side characters above all else. He has gained over 10,000 followers across multiple web novel sites like Royal Road and ScribbleHub, with over 2 million views in Salvos, being ranked as one of the best stories on Royal Road.

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Curious Beginnings: A LitRPG Adventure (Salvos, Volume 1)

The Netherworld: it is a hellish landscape inhabited only by Demons, creatures born from the dark abyss. It is also the only world Salvos knows.

Joining the ranks of newborn demons, Salvos is thrown into the violent, anarchy-ruled landscape of that world. To survive, she will have to learn, she will have to adapt, and she will have to evolve. She will gain experience to reach new Levels of power.

Her curiosity aids her but her pride could be her fall. It is the nature of the Netherworld to avoid or conquer any threats faced— after all, the law of evolution is survival of the fittest, and Salvos is a survivor. And perhaps, eventually, she will leave this world behind for a better place.

But… is that what Salvos even wants?

This novel is an action-packed monster evolution litrpg fantasy following the adventures of a Demon girl! It is set inside a game-like world with Classes and Levels, but it is not inside the world of a video game. For the characters in the novel, the world is as real as the real world is to me and you. It is also technically an isekai, sort of a portal fantasy but not really, however I feel like it fits the genre well enough!

It is also one of the best-ranked fictions in all of Royal Road with a stunning million and a half views in just over three months. It is perfect for fans of Pirate Aba and Shirtaloon 😉

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A Demon’s Pride: An Action-packed Isekai LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure (Salvos, Volume 2)

The world stays the same, but horizons will broaden.

After cementing herself as the Savior of Silvergrove, Salvos officially becomes a Gold Rank adventurer. With her name spread throughout Nixa, she finally decides to leave the small country to grow even stronger and find her companion. She will have to face [Cultists], assassins, and the threat of a company war— something she may or may not have instigated— while she battles against the prejudice the world itself holds against her:

That she is a Demon.

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