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Interview – Jocelyn Ingram, author of the upcoming Grimy Fairy Tales

Jocelyn Ingram1

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Jocelyn Ingram, author of Bibles Be Trippin’ and the upcoming Grimy Fairy Tales. Welcome to our Showcase Lounge, Jocelyn. For any of our readers that haven’t come across your …

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Interview – Edward M. Donnelly, author of Out of the Light of Darkness

Edward Donnelly

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Edward Donnelly, author of Out of the Light of Darkness. Welcome to the …

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Announcing our Membership Giveaway Winners

SelfPublishersShowcase Logo Colours

A huge thank you to all of you who entered our first Membership Giveaway. We were blown away with the …

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Interview – Eli Yaakunah

The Woman Who Sparked

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Eli Yaakunah, author of The Woman Who Sparked The Greatest Sex Scandal Of …

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Review – Echoes of Paradise by Deanna Kahler


Romances are not my first choice for reading but I was intrigued by the paranormal angle promised by Echoes of …

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Nicholas Rossis – The Power of Six


The Power of Six (Science-Fiction/Short Stories) PRE-LAUNCH OFFER! PURCHASE FOR ONLY 99c UNTIL 15TH MAY 2014 Six science fiction short …

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JC Little – Motherhood


Motherhood (Children’s/Parenting) This is the universal story of motherhood, from the gentle moment of birth to the inevitable letting go. …

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The Power of Six – Coming soon from Nicholas Rossis


The Power of Six is an anthology of six short science fiction stories, originally written between July 2009 and March …

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Interview – Michelle Medhat, author of The Connected series

Michelle Medhat BW

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Michelle Medhat, author of Connected: The Call and the newly-released sequel Connected: The …

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Alexandra Amalova – Of Angels, Mice and Men: May 3rd – 5th

Of angels, mice and men (Erotica) This new collection of erotica penned by the remarkable Miss Amalova contains paranormal and …

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Review – Dämoren by Seth Skorkowsky

Damoren Large

“Fourteen years ago a pack of wendigos killed Matt Hollis’ family and damned his soul. Now, Matt is a demon …

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Michelle Medhat – Connected: The Shift

The Shift


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Alison Vidotto – 22 Leadership Fundamentals – the Door to Success says Push!

22 Leadership

As the title suggests, this is a self help book aimed at helping people build on their strengths and identify …

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James Calbraith – The Chrysanthemum Seal

The Chrysanthemum Seal

The Chrysanthemum Seal: The Year of the Dragon #5 (Fantasy/Steampunk/Historical Fantasy) It’s the middle of summer in the Year of …

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Jane Davis – An Unchoreographed Life

An Unchoreographed Life

An Unchoreographed Life (Commercial Fiction) Mother and daughter: the most precious bond in the world. At six years old, Belinda …

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