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Review – Michelle Medhat’s The Trusted


Michelle Medhat’s The Trusted is the first of five planned books in her Trusted series. The first book is an …

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Gwendolyn Pendraig’s Dancing in the Dust

Dancing In The Dust

Gwendolyn Pendraig’s Dancing in the Dust is a brutal, graphic take on a harsh post-apocalyptic future. A dust-born plague has …

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Review – Susan Moore Jordan’s Memories of Jake

Memories Of Jake

Memories of Jake, from Susan Moore Jordan, is the story of two brothers. A family tragedy in their youth brings …

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Review – Doris-Maria Heilmann’s 111 Tips to Get FREE Book Reviews

Free BK RVW Aug30 Opt

Up to 3500 books are published in the US each day. So, how do you get noticed? Book reviews give …

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Review – Richard Smith’s The Darziods’ Stone

The Darzoid

The Darziods’ Stone is a very intriguing story about a small group of teenagers, following their travels and battles against …

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Review – Kyle M. Perkins’ Day of Reckoning

NB2 Cover

The adventure continues when a mysterious figure appears at the cliffside where Niko and Kitsune chased Chisai, up to the …

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Review: Tom O’Donnell’s The Last Plutarch


A Fog Of Lies. In the city of Panchaea, society’s elite are given godlike powers by a “fog” of microscopic …

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Review: A.B. Patterson’s Harry’s World


Harry’s World is the debut novel from Australian author A.B. Patterson. It centers round Private Investigator Harry Kenmare. Kenmare is …

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Review: Jordan P.T. Mock’s Obsidian Dawn: From the Cold Light of Day


Obsidian Dawn: From the Cold Light of Day is a high fantasy about a young woman struggling to take revenge …

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Review: Susan Moore Jordan’s Eli’s Heart

Elis Heart

Eli Levin is a musical prodigy. Albeit one born with a serious heart defect that means he may not live …

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Review: Stephen Roffe’s Beyond Hercules: An inside story of the Moroccan hash trade

Beyond Hercules

The history of the cannabis plant is ancient and glorious; its global vilification has been less than a hundred years …

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Review: Max Allan’s Hunger

The Hunger

There’s a water-borne parasite, that originated in South America, slowly making its way up through the United States, turning everyone …

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Review – Jeffrey Bolden’s Lucid


A short story about a thuggish, murdering, drug dealer is, well, a short story about a thuggish, murdering, drug dealer …

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Review: Alison Gray’s Out of the Tower


Earlier in the year I reviewed Hibiscus Fruit, a detective novel by Alison Gray that I had a small issue …

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Review: Nick Christofides’ The Border Reiver

The Border Reiver

Before I start this review I feel I need to tell you two things. Firstly, as a Scot, I am …

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Review: Darcy Conroy’s As Long As She Lives

As Long As She Lives

Surviving African genocide doesn’t often make the backbone of a “romance” novel but this is no ordinary sweep-you-off-your-feet relationship novel …

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Review: David Ross Wood’s Horns of the Minotaur

Horns Of The Minotaur

In an attempt to halt the rapidly escalating attacks on Minotaur Resource assets, the CEO of the company, George Pollard, …

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Review: Frank Galli’s Immortal Vigil – Keiko and the Pill Box Murders

Immortal Vigil

Kaiver Sin is the lead detective of the last non-corrupt police squad in the city of Pandora. They are the …

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Review: Steve Conoboy’s Macadamian Pliers

Macadamian Pliers

Macadamian Pliers is an unpleasant man with a hideous plan. He’s just sold a house to Emmet’s Peak’s newest family, …

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Review: Charlotte Hains’ Introducing Charlotte

Introducing Charlotte

When Charlotte bumps into her old friend Anthony she is at her lowest… Shocked by the revelation of her escape …

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