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Ava Morgan – Lydia’s Decision

Lydias Decision

Lydia’s Decision: A Curiosity Chronicles Short (Steampunk/Short Stories)

lydias decision A romantic steampunk short story of adventurers, seafarers, and daring choices, set in the Curiosity Chronicles world.

Isle of Aspasia, 1838: Lydia is spending the winter months with her parents in Aspasia when she receives news of Rhys’s latest pirate battle in France. Concerned for him and their future together, she wonders if she can play a larger role alongside him in the fight against piracy on the high seas.

Note: Although the plot of this short story is self-contained, it follows the characters Rhys and Lydia from The Lady Machinist (Curiosity Chronicles, #1) and references events from The Industrial Spy (Curiosity Chronicles, #3). 11,000 words.