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Blogoff: Who’s Your Daddy? The Paternity Debate in Milk Money

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I’ve been writing fan fiction for about three years now and publishing for about two. With ten published works, and too many fan fictions to count, I know that I can make decisions when it comes to plots, but with my most current work, Milk Money, I am struggling.
Typically when I write a story, I develop the plot as I go along. I get to know the characters, as if they were real in my mind and engage them in conversation. They talk to me and tell me their story, little by little. As they “speak” I can see their tale, like a movie in my mind. I watch the movie over and over and write it down. On rare occasions, I have deviated from what the characters have told me only to find a few chapters later that things aren’t making sense. Often I have to go back and scrap those deviated chapters and get back on track.
This has worked for me until recently. I am at a place in the story Milk Money where the paternity of Charlie is in question. I have asked the characters who the father is, which way the story is supposed to go, but it seems no one is talking. While I realize that sentence may well be used as evidence in a competency hearing to determine my level of sanity, the fact that the voices in my head aren’t speaking to me should count for something. Irregardless of my sanity, I find myself in a unique position. I, as the author, do not know what happens next.
This is when I’m going to turn to my readers, who have kept me moving through this tale as I’ve released this story bit by bit to my website and on two other fan fiction sites. I can not promise that this will be a fair vote, as I still have to do what I think is right by the characters, and if at some point, one of them speaks up and tells me what happens, I do have to go with that, but in the mean time, I’d like to hear what readers think.

The Problem In a Nutshell

Anyone who had read Milk Money would agree that Tanya is a terrible mother and that Edward is a wonderful father to Charlie. People would also likely agree that Bella has made a terrific caregiver for Charlie, literally nursing him back to health. Most would say that Charlie, though only a few months old would identify Bella as his mother more than Tanya, whom he doesn’t even know. This brings to question, how important is biology? Do you have to be related by blood to be a parent?

When Tanya’s affair came to light, Charlie’s paternity came into question. I feel that I have three options when it comes to resolving the paternity issue.

Option 1 – Edward is the father

This to me would be the most logical, easiest option. Edward loves Charlie and he’s been a wonderful father. If he married Bella, the four of them would just be a natural family. The drawback is that I think that it’s very predictable.

Option 2 – Edward is NOT the father

Edward states in the story that he doesn’t care who Charlie’s biological father is. He wants him regardless. It would show that it’s love that makes a family and not biology. It would also allow Bella to carry Edward’s first child. The drawback, Charlie isn’t related to either Bella nor Edward.

Option 3 – We never know

At this point in the story, the paternity isn’t in question. Edward has full custody regardless of biology. It could remain a mystery. The drawback, I don’t usually leave things unresolved.


What do you think?

I’d like to hear what you think. You can comment below on which option you’d like. Give me some reasons as to your choice. I am looking for compelling arguments. I will post some of my favorites in my next shout out. If you’re not subscribed, you can go to www.njcoleauthor.com and subscribe.

  1. Allie StewartAllie Stewart02-01-2016

    I’m actually ok with never knowing, which kind of surprises me! However, if an answer needs to be given, then I want Edward to be the father. I think you have already answered the question of biology/not in the situation with Bella. She is obviously his mother, just not biologically. I guess my heart just wants one of them to have a biological claim to him for some reason if the story dictates knowing. If not, then I’m ok with not knowing and that being the conclusion in my head. I hope this made some sort of sense……….

  2. Kerri LeggieroKerri Leggiero02-02-2016

    I, like Allie, don’t care if we ever know. Both Bella and Edward are such loving people to Charlie. They are the true meaning of parenthood, unconditional love.


    First love the story, but need more updates. Second im thinking neither is the father. She’s already jerry springer next guest. And third there a big health scare and we find out that charlie is related to elizabeth. That way he is in the family but not edwards first born. This is the last reall crazy idea. What if tanya bought donated bella egg. (She needed money for school and Elizabeth ) tanya stole some sperm from edward. She does this to make her and edward a super couple but regretted it after it was done. It didnt stop her sex life because she no longer wanted it. But the procedure took after the first time but she still unsure who’s baby it is . Over lapping times. And she not that smart. Im just have an overactive moment. But i really want them both to be the parents.

  4. MistyMisty02-02-2016

    I think that It doesn’t matter. I’m also okay with Charlie being neither one of theirs. Let anew baby be their first.

  5. Dawn TiengDawn Tieng02-02-2016

    I am going with option 2 I think it shows just how loved someone can be rather blood related or not. That little boy is more wanted and loved by 2 people that are not blood related than he would ever be by his biological parents.

  6. KellyKelly02-02-2016

    Hmmm, I see the point in all three ways the story could go. For me I’m am leaning more towards Edward being the father. We know that Bella will love him either way, along with Edward but I just feel it fits for this story. With all the other drama and potential drama, if he wasn’t Edwards biologically the focus of the story might shift towards that. With him being Edwards biologically the drama of Tayna cheating just adds to the story and doesn’t take focus away from the overall story of Edward and Bella. Maybe that sounds odd to some but that’s how I think if it all in my head. Lol.

  7. Lisa ParkerLisa Parker02-02-2016

    Honestly it doesn’t matter to me if they find out. Edward loves him and Bella is his mother in every way that counts anyway. Edward should be the daddy if you need to write it in there just in case something happens health wise down the road in the story for Charlie.

  8. ValerieValerie02-02-2016

    Charlie is Edward son, so what if its to pat. Bella has a daughter and he has a son, their next would be theirs together. You can’t go back and make Elizabeth Edwards so they both have the same issue, they will be raising someone elses child.

  9. LindsayLindsay02-02-2016

    Hmmm, a conundrum. I think either we never know or the other guy demads one, finds out he is not the father and ratherthan also determine paternity, Edward just lets it go and clam Charlie rather than drag anything through family court. But, he also needs to have a plan for when Charlie is older and may have questions.

  10. NicoleNicole02-02-2016

    I’m ok either way cause I know Edward and Bellla will love Charlie no matter what.

  11. LeahLeah02-04-2016

    Edward not the father, but Charlie has only ever know the love and comfort from Edward and Bella so it doesn’t really matter, but leaves something for when Charlie is older to go on the hunt for his dad if that ever came up. But food for thought….

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