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Cathie Whitmore

cathie whitmoreCathie is predominantly a children’s author with four beautifully illustrated hardcover children’s picture books suitable for children 3-8 years. Cathie has now also written her first adult novel.

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Twinkle the Christmas Star (Children’s Picture Book, Ages 3-8)

twinkleSitting in his tree on Christmas Eve, Ollie the Owl is amazed to see a most radiant star smiling down at him. Join Ollie as he shares his enchanting story of “Twinkle the Christmas Star,” along with Twinkle’s magical fairytale “Twinkle Meets Santa.” Together, Ollie and Twinkle bring to life the magic and wonder of Christmas, capturing the hearts of the young and the young at heart.

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Hammie Goes To School (Children’s Picture Book, Ages 3-8)

hammieA rhyming story for children 3-8 following the everyday life of a little piglet known as Hammie. Having the same sweet gentle nature as Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web and the charm and innocence of Babe, Hammie is an adorable little piglet, with the persona of a real life child, in the fashion of Porky Pig, without the stutter. Convinced pigs have a purpose, determined to make more of his life, this courageous little piglet pursues his dream of becoming a schoolboy. Hammie’s high spirited, fun loving character, is irresistible, as his humorous and often heartfelt adventure unfolds.

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Long Legs Daddy (Children’s Picture Book, Ages 3-8)

long legs daddyReuben Rabbit swipes his paws across his nose…Long Legs Daddy spider sways to and fro, but Long Legs Daddy is afraid of heights…there’s no way he’s letting go. What a predicament for Long Legs Daddy…he can’t even bear to look down. Can Reuben Rabbit help Long Legs Daddy find his way back to the ground? Reuben Rabbit and Long Legs Daddy are sure to make you laugh, from the first page of this wonderful story, right to the very last.

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Pusshycat Tails (Children’s Chapter Book, Ages 7-11)

pusshycat tailThe moment Cody Shipley and his mother walk through the Pet Shop door, a scrawny, yet irresistibly charming kitten, peering out between the bars of a cage, sets out to win their affections…and of course a new home. Definitely nothing ordinary about this cat…a talking kitten with a very big mouth, yet hasn’t uttered a single word to the shopkeeper, leaving him totally unaware he has just given away the most amazing animal he has ever had in his shop.Then a slip of the cat’s tongue changes everything, as the greedy and cunning Mr Rogan, now showing his true colours, does everything in his power to prevent the kitten from leaving.This amusing tale, the first of three, will delight children from 7-11 years, as they follow the escapades of this feisty little kitten, from the Pet Shop to the Courtroom.

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Piece by Piece (Women’s Fiction)

piece by pieceEleanor’s rags to riches story, begins the day she meets Robert Harding, in April 1948. Robert’s good looks do play a minor part in Eleanor’s attraction to him, but the silver spoon protruding from his mouth, most definitely clinches the deal. From the moment Eleanor meets Robert’s mother Rose, beaming at her from the front steps of their six bedroom four bathroom mansion, bequeathed to her by her late husband Samuel, Robert’s father, she senses Rose is the type of woman, who will take her under her wing and nurture her. A kind and sincere woman, yet emotionally vulnerable, like her son, eager to lick Eleanor’s wounds and make it all better.
Eleanor’s world collapses when Robert is killed in a car accident, leaving her with four year old twin boys, a two year old girl and nothing more than a less than adequate insurance policy. Robert’s death, throws Rose into the depths of depression, leaving Eleanor to support her mother-in-law emotionally, ensuring Rose will continue to support her financially.

Like mother, like daughter…the master and the apprentice of manipulation, Celeste Harding, begins her story as a fifteen year old in 1967, mourning the loss of her beloved Grandma Rose. Eleanor, convinced she is about to inherit the family home, known as Harding House, is confident Rose being out of the picture will ultimately bring her daughter Celeste, closer. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Suitable for ages 18+

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