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D. Scott Johnson

d scott johnsonD. Scott Johnson has been an IT professional since 1988, and currently works as a software developer. In 1991 he gained a B.A. in anthropology at the University of Arkansas, a degree that’s proven surprisingly useful over the years. His story-telling skills were honed in the rough-and-tumble world of role play adventure writing, thirteen years of blogging, and various previous attempts at other novels. Aside from writing, he also mucks around with the ridiculous world of hi-fi audio, and just barely keeps his two classic Alfa Romeos on the road. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, daughter, and however many pets they have managed to sneak in to the house at any one time.

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Gemini Gambit (Science-Fiction)

gemini gambitKimberly Trayne is in hiding. Accidentally-but-sort-of-on-purpose flash-freezing the son of a drug kingpin tends to require it. Unfortunately the transition from international computer-hacking badass to night manager at Taco Bell has left her life… wanting. The virtual combat realm of Warhawk lets her take out her frustrations with a sniper rifle, and with gun, she travels.

Then the impossible happens. A complete stranger knocks on her virtual door, accidentally thrusting her into the spotlight where private security firms, the FBI, the Bolivian mafia, and her mom can find her.

Stuff always happens, they say.

It usually happens to her.

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