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M.K. Theodoratus – Crossings

Crossings A Tale Of Andor

Crossings: A Tale of Andor(Short Story/Fantasy/Horror) Slight of stature and lacking magic, old Ebe must prove he has the heart …

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Interview – J.M. Preston, author of The Great Poem Book

Jm Preston

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by J.M. Preston, author of The Great Poem Book. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, …

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Review: Morgan Bell’s Sniggerless Boundulations

Sniggerless Boundulations

Sniggerless Boundulations is the debut short story collection by Morgan Bell. With titles like The Tunnel, It Had to Be …

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Review: R.M. Grace’s Fall of Hope

Fall Of Hope

Fall of Hope is a thrilling story that draws its readers into a world of confusion, raising questions about whether …

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Review: Jane Davis’s An Unchoreographed Life

An Unchoreographed Life

When I picked up a copy of the latest book from award winning author Jane Davis I really didn’t know …

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Review: Vicki Case’s Forever Love

Forever Vicki Case

Forever Love by Vicki Case is the fourth of her poetry collections written for Eros, the man she loved and …

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Guest Post: My 4 Golden Rules of Writing by Nicholas Rossis


My 4 Golden Rules of Writing I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. The main reason …

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Guest Post: Creating Characters That Drive Your Story by K.C. Berg

KC Berg

Who doesn’t love a good story?  Through the magic of books, we can witness epic battles, visit faraway lands, and …

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Free: Michelle Medhat’s Connected: The Shift: Aug 27th-28th

The Shift

Connected: The Shift (Thriller/Commercial Fiction) After the events of Connected: The Call, many questions remain unanswered. What isn’t Ellie telling? …

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Review – Gary Sheard’s Awful Management

Awful Management

Awful Management chronicles the business experiences of Gary Sheard from junior pea picker to the chairman of a plc. Along …

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Review – Kneel Downe’s SPORADIC


I first came across the work of Kneel Downe when upon a friend’s recommendation I purchased Amelia’s Song, a fairy …

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Guest Post: The Dollars are in the Details by GeoRiot

GeoRiot Blog 2

How to Market your Book like a Genius. If you haven’t read our previous guest post on SPS describing how …

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Interview: M.C. Raj, author of Planet B2

M C Raj

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by M.C. Raj, author of Planet B2: Human War Against Nature. Welcome to the …

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Free: Michelle Medhat’s Connected: The Call: August 25th-26th

The Call

Connected: The Call (Thriller/Commercial Fiction) Sam loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Sam. They have the perfect marriage. Only, everything that …

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Jae V. Reece – The Forest Lone

The Forest Lone

The Forest Lone (YA/Fantasy) The two hundred year-old peace over the human kingdom of Charlten will be broken as wolf …

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Kneel Downe – SPORADIC


SPORADIC (Science-Fiction) SPORADIC – (adj.) occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated. Staccato lay …

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Guest Post: Writing Rebellious by J.L. Murray

J.L. Murray

Every writer knows that there is a set of rules we are supposed to adhere to if our books are …

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Review: Patrick Andendall’s Stupid Party: Math Versus Myth


To date, I’ve only reviewed fiction, so it was a refreshing change to review something of an altogether different bent. …

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HJ Lawson – War Kids

War Kids Cover

War Kids (Young Adult) When fourteen-year-old Jada wakes up in a hospital, the last thing she thinks is that her …

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Review – R.J. Brousseau’s Battle For Honor: Gates

Battle For Honor Gates

Three thousand years ago, Agora was brought to the brink of annihilation by the Third Great War. Since then, all …

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