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Nikki Broadwell

Nikki BroadwellNikki was already the mother of two girls when she graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Art.

When her daughters were in middle school, she began a greeting card business, using her own pencil and watercolor creations. This business flourished for several years until the market became flooded and was no longer lucrative. A simple silk-painting kit picked up at an art store set her off on another venture and soon she was hard at work creating scarves and wall hangings of flowers, birds and animals.

After almost twenty years this business came to an end for several reasons. One was the toxicity of the dyes and resists were taking a toll on her lungs. But the biggest reason was that writing had completely taken over her life. There was no time left for any other creative projects!

Nikki now lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband of over thirty years, a standard poodle, Buddha, and Eesa, the cat. She is currently finishing up a desert story about a shape-shifting coyote and also a fictionalized version of her parent’s life based on journals her father kept while a POW during WW2.

When not writing, Nikki travels, does yoga, hikes, gardens and watches the bird and animal life that abound in the desert.

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The Moonstone: Wolfmoon Trilogy, Book I (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction)

The MoonstoneIs magic gone from the world? Was it ever here? Read The Moonstone and you might just believe in magic again! Fans of strong women like those found in ‘The Mists of Avalon’ series will find themselves right at home.

Finna’s mother is dead. So why is this woman standing on her stoop claiming to be just that? Catriona arrives bearing a gift—a luminous moonstone that holds the secrets to Finna’s heritage. What heritage? Catriona insists that the two of them must journey to the castle of the Celtic moon goddess, Arianrhod. Moon goddess? The story Catriona weaves is preposterous. A parallel reality, known as the ‘Otherworld’, exists next to this one. According to her, this place has no electricity, cars or any other modern conveniences. “The moonstone will show the way,” Catriona intones cryptically. Newly pregnant Finna is naturally skeptical. Where has this woman been for the past eighteen years? And why would her father lie about her mother’s death? All her instincts tell her to stay put during this critical time. But Catriona is uncannily persuasive, convincing her despite Finna’s misgivings. What a trip through this alternate reality really means, and the secrets Catriona reveals about their family and the baby Finna carries, have Finna questioning everything she has ever known. With her life and that of her unborn child in jeopardy, Finna must find a way to survive.


Saille, The Willow: Wolfmoon Trilogy, Book II (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction)

saille the willowWhen Maeve Lewin finds herself in a strange part of town and submits to having a Tarot card reading, she leaves with an uneasy feeling. She cannot remember what the dark-eyed gypsy told her. Outside the odd little shop a crow watches her from his perch atop a telephone pole, his gaze intelligent and possibly malevolent.

But it is the next day when a shipment of paintings arrives at the gallery where she works that her carefully constructed world begins to unravel. She feels drawn to the unusual portraits and landscapes for the upcoming show as though a thread of energy binds her to them. Aside from the strangely familiar faces of the figures, a moonstone seems to be the focal point in each one, radiating light into the backgrounds of dark trees.

So begins a sequence of events that lead Maeve inexorably toward a fate she doesn’t understand. The secrets she must discover and the journey she undertakes will turn her safe and predictable life upside down.


The Wolf Moon: Wolfmoon Trilogy, Book III (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction)

the wolf moonIt is close to the winter solstice when Maeve Lewin’s simple trip to Scotland to re-unite with her mother throws her headlong into a dangerous world.

A prophecy written centuries before seems to describe her as ‘the one’ , and despite Maeve’s insistence that this couldn’t possibly be true, her mother and grandmother both agree.

What Maeve doesn’t know is that her boyfriend, is part if her destiny, mentioned in the ancient text as ‘the one of noble birth who will stand by her side’. But Harold’s only plan is to join Maeve Scotland for the New Year before the two of them fly home to the States.

The night of the winter solstice brings Maeve face to face with a terrifying reality, but its Harold’s arrival that forces her to come to terms with the truth. He seems to have lived in this parallel world before and his part in future events has been sealed as surely as hers.

With dark forces hunting her relentlessly and confronted with a fate she didn’t choose, Maeve must come to terms with her terms with her future and somehow find the strength to fulfill the perilous task set before her.


Gypsy’s Quest: Gypsy Series, Book I (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction)

Gypsys QuestThe last thing Gertrude remembers is landing at the Edinburgh airport, but this medieval world where she finds herself bears no resemblance to Scotland. Here there is neither indoor plumbing, nor any electronics, cars, busses or trains.

When she discovers that she’s pregnant her fear mounts. There are no hospitals, no doctors, and no stores in which to buy diapers or baby food. And why can’t she remember the father?

But things are worse than she imagines—her past is catching up. And when her baby is kidnapped, the horrible memories begin to resurface.

Little does she know that searching for her baby will pull her into a larger quest to save the world. But before she can do either, she must save herself. Does she have the strength to overcome the obstacles in her way before it’s too late to save anyone?

Aided by a man from her distant past and a magical boat, she hunts for her child in worlds that should only exist in myth.


Gypsy’s Return: Gypsy Series, Book II (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction)

Gypsy's returnThe flutter of a butterfly’s wings may cause a hurricane across the world, but can the turn of a page cause chaos across time?

Gertrude is about to find out just how mighty the pen is when she publishes The Hanged Man, a fictional account of her time in the future that is meant to prevent the suffering she witnessed. But the love and loss she experienced are brought crashing back when the god Loki informs her that good intentions aside, her book has sent ripples into the future with disastrous consequences.

An evil sorcerer and witch have joined powers with malevolent corporations, creating a society based on massive wealth disparity and the worst manipulations of science. If this weren’t enough for Gertrude to deal with, she is given reason to believe that her son is still alive in this terrible new world.

Frantic to find out the truth Gertrude searches out an ancient druid who brings her face to face with the law of unintended consequences. Is there anything she can do to rectify the future before it’s too late? With the help from some old friends, Gertrude sails into the unknown, fearful but determined to make things right and reclaim her son.


Gypsy’s Secret: Gypsy Series, Book III (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction)

gypsys secretIt is June of 2011 and Gertrude has been working tirelessly to finish The Tower as part of the bargain she made with Loki. The god has made no attempt to fulfill his end of the agreement, and Gertrude is out of patience as she waits to be reunited with her son.

When Ella uses Gypsy to travel back to Gertrude’s timeline and make trouble, Gertrude is able to steal the ship to return to 2457Fell. What she finds is a world in chaos with reoccurring shifts in time that thwart every attempt she makes to find her son and Kafir.

As Gertrude struggles through a world gone mad what she doesn’t realize is that Ella is now pregnant, carrying a child who will bring about the end of Far Isle and every living thing in it. Gertrude’s powers are tested in new ways and her son’s abilities astonish all who encounter him. Will their combined power, aided by Gunnar, MacCuill, and the gods and goddesses be enough to combat this new evil? Or is it too late to save the world from ultimate darkness?


Just Another Desert Sunset (Young Adult/Paranormal Romance)

just anotherCoyote yearns to be human but when his wish is granted he discovers that the shaman left out one tiny detail—as soon as he falls asleep he will always return to animal form.

Meeting the human female, Sara, further complicates Coyote’s life as he is drawn to her in a way he can’t explain. Ignoring Raven’s warnings that he should stick with his own kind, Coyote-man finds himself heading to Sara’s house at odd times, her essence impossible to ignore.

When a cruel trick of fate separates them, Coyote seeks council from a Navajo man who promises to help. Will this man trick him like the other shaman or can he be trusted? Walking the spirit trail brings answers but not to the questions he asked.

What will happen if Sara learns the truth? Will she turn away from this strange-looking man with the yellow eyes who seems like he comes from a different planet?


Bridge of Mist and Fog (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance)

bridge mist fogAiry Fitzhugh is anxious when she spots an island off the coast that her mother is unable to see—she’s lived in her powerful mother’s shadow her entire life. But when she consults the goddess of prophecy and discovers she has a destiny, her mood lifts. According to Corra she’s linked to someone on that island and their future involves building a bridge between two worlds. It’s another matter altogether when her parents insist that she attend college in Milltown, Massachusetts, far from the mystical Otherworld where she’s lived all her sixteen years.

It is only when she meets a boy from the future that Airy’s world begins to expand. Fehin makes her aware that her ability to talk to trees is a gift. She is special after all. But many dark and tangled paths must be taken before the two of them can discover what fate has in store.


Murder in Plain Sight (Mystery/Supernatural)

murder in plain sightLife for Summer McCloud in the sleepy New England village of Ames is seamless—that is until the mysterious murder of a woman who visits Summer’s occult shop, Tarot and Tea. The only clue is the book of poison recipes found in the woman’s handbag—a book purchased from Summer the day before.

When the police suspect Summer, her carefully constructed world begins to unravel. Being a sleuth is something she loves but when ghosts from the past threaten to expose their secrets Summer must find a way out or lose everything, including her life.