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Aimee Lindsay Dearmon – Blue Dirt

Blue Dirt (Commercial Fiction)

It’s summer 1983 and Ella Mae Cobb’s last summer before starting college in the fall. Dressed in her father’s blue uniform and thick, black glasses, Ella pumps gas, airs tires and changes oil while she dreams of a future far more glamorous than the one she faces in Blue Dirt, Alabama. Officer Jessop, a new cop with a dubious past and Rudy, a misogynist with an escalating hatred for working women, gives Ella a summer to remember… and shakes the tiny town to its core!

Blue Dirt paints a picture of what life was really like in a small Southern town and a full service filling station. Billy, a potty-mouthed mechanic’s apprentice, Melvin, a ladies man who refuses to accept his advanced age and Fred and Clyde, fixtures on a bench outside the station, are among a parade of unique characters that add humor and warmth to the story.

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