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Alexandra Amalova – The Big Bag of Sexy Allsorts: A tempting selection of treat-size erotica


The Big Bag of Sexy Allsorts: A tempting selection of treat-size erotica (Erotica)

the big bag of allsortsAs the title suggests, Alexandra’s latest collection is a mixed bag, a compendium without a common theme, a lot without a lot in common, a congregation without a prayer of being unified. But thankfully for us all, one common theme runs throughout: sex. And, accordingly, the stories will both quicken your heart and animate your private parts.

However, Miss Amalova is simply not content to have you in need of clean undies. There is more to her writing than the purely erotic; Alexandra knows better than most that, to be remembered, a lover must stimulate the intellect too, make suggestions and forge connections that light up all areas of the mind. Hence, after reading these torrid tales, your mind may well need clean undies too.
In this crinkly and unfortunately non-recyclable bag, you will find teeth-rotting erotica with the following unwholesome ingredients: genetically modified sci-fi; hydrogenated history; high-cholesterol drama; invert introspection; an immeasurable quantity of quantum mechanics; crystallised psychosis; a sugar sprinkling of steam-less steampunk – plus an unspecified array of both natural and unnatural flavourings and colourings. Salt.

These morsels are strictly for adults only. Consume no more than one per hour, with an absolute maximum of five per day. Continual use may cause inflamed or over-active sex glands. Consult a doctor if such symptoms don’t persist.

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