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Amber Spiler – The Secret of the New Rider

The Secret Of The New Rider

The Secret of the New Rider: Blackwatch Book II (Children’s/Middle-Grade/Fantasy)

the secret of the new rider‘The Secret of the New Rider’ quickly drags readers back into the mystery and magic of Blackwatch Stables with changes at the barn that no one – not even Ms. Cavalieri – saw coming. Rumors of a new rider create excitement among the girls but also introduce new challenges, and the growing tension with Stephen and his dragons tests their courage and strength. In the midst of these changes and challenges, Maggie and Bella together must cope with the memories of Dragon Mountain and with the consequences of a mysterious birthday present Maggie receives. Adventure, mystery, and friendships new and old provide comfort, guidance, and phenomenal entertainment for all as the story of Blackwatch Stables continues to unfold.

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