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Author of the Month: March 2020

IAN Shot

March 2020 – Adam Gulledge

Adam Gulledge’s writing devotion began in the late 2000’s with his interest in forum RPGs, a medium where quick yet detailed writing within an RPG-style ruleset was essential. Years later, during the 2011 NaNoWriMo, his first novel, Werewolf Tale, would begin the road to publication, undergoing several overhauls in the lead-up to the publication year of 2018.

Since 2011, his writing has expanded to cover not only Young Adult stories, but Modern Pulps, Classic Fantasy, and Science Fiction, with several stories waiting for their turns to be fleshed out or finished.

To him, it’s the story and characters that matter most, not the message. When he’s not writing, he’s reading from his vast collection of books, gaming on a PC or choice of console, or thinking up new ideas for short stories.

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Werewolf Tale (Young Adult, Urban Fantasy)

“As his limbs began to tremble, Alex rushed into the room and shut the door. The window was halfway opened before he heard the click of the front door’s deadbolt, and then the hint of whimpering from his dog after it opened. He forced himself outside as his mother called for him, the scents from miles around assaulting his olfactory sense as the window was slid shut.

Now cut off from his feeling of safety, the unhindered sunlight washed a nasty, nagging feeling of being watched over him, which he didn’t bother to fight. If he didn’t hurry, Bailey would corner him, or possibly his mother would see him.

At the fence behind the garage, Alex vaulted over the wooden planks before going to all fours on the other side. With no one in sight, he continued towards the driveway. His mother had parked on the right side, too far from the fence, but close enough to the garage should a car start coming his way. None did as he took a minute to catch his breath, and then continued towards the porch’s bush.”

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Werewolf Tale II (Young Adult, Urban Fantasy)

With a month and a half passed from the day he was bitten, Alex Stryker’s second full moon approaches.

Though now better versed in what he must do, Shane remains a wild card in his life. Along with the growing risk of a dangerous hunt, and loss of sources of animal prey.


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