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Ava Morgan – The Armored Doctor: Curiosity Chronicles #2


The Armored Doctor: Curiosity Chronicles #2 (Science-Fiction/Romance)

TheArmoredDoctorCOIC affiliate Dr. Jacob Valerian is considered an eccentric by London society. Bearing the physical and mental scars of his stint as a medic in the India campaigns, he returns home to New Britannia to help accident victims regain their mobility with his revolutionary line of artificial mechanical limbs. When evidence surfaces that his designs are being stolen, word spreads that his new assistant, the pretty and plucky Miss Abigail Benton, is the culprit.

While Abigail is grateful for her new job, the stern Dr. Valerian seems to never be pleased with her work. She suspects his prickly demeanor is due to the injuries he sustained. As her compassion for him grows, so does her hidden attraction. But when she is accused of theft, all secrets must be laid bare in order to clear her name. The soft glow of romance competes with the grit of London’s streets in this curious tale of mechanical armor, espionage, and class struggle.

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