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B.R. Fleming – The Secret People

The Secret People

The Secret People (Mystery)

the secret peopleSearching for her missing father, Lesley Whitney enters a life and death struggle, thrust into the realm of Navajo Sorcerers and the Inorganic Beings.

When Dr. Lesley Whitney receives the call from Sheriff Branshee that her famous father, archaeologist Arthur Whitney, is missing while exploring Native American sites in the Four Corners, Lesley inadvertently becomes involved in finding clues to his disappearance. Her search for the truth forces Lesley to confront her past and her soured relationship with her father, as well as her current relationship with her lover, Jonathan. With the help of archaeologist, Alan Hall, and the Navajo sorceress, Pine Leaf, Lesley learns that what often appears logical and simple at first glance, can become frighteningly complex and illusory in real life.

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