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The second great, big Showcase Blogoff

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The first #blogoff was a great success. So now it’s time for Blogoff #2!

First up though, the prize. We’re offering FREE lifetime membership and promotion of your work on both Self-Publisher’s Showcase and Indie Book Butler, and also a half-price edit on your next release at Dominion Editorial. If you’ve already joined either promotional site, we’ll refund you – we’re nice like that.

The blog posts will all go up on December 1st and the rules are simple:

Send us a blog post (to openblog@selfpublishersshowcase.com) about anything at all writing related. It can be about your work, where your ideas come from, your writing tips, 10 reasons why you shouldn’t write a novel about an orphaned, magically-talented gopher… anything goes. Word limit 4000 words. No more than ONE external link in the post. That’s it. If you have any questions use the same email address to let us know, otherwise, just put together your post and email it through to us.

Then, on the 1st December we’ll publish them all. The one that gets the most unique-visitor views in December is the winner. Simple. We’ll promote them all equally. You can promote your own as much as you wish. If you wish to enter after the 30th November you are welcome to do so, but you will be playing catch-up 🙂

So… get scribbling. The promotion of your work depends on it!

Good luck, all

Paul and the team

  1. Luke KendallLuke Kendall10-16-2016

    Are there any other terms and conditions? Specifically, I’d like to retain copyright of my blog post so I could use it as I wished (e.g., putting it up on my own blog, or republishing it).

  2. PaulPaul10-20-2016

    That’s fine, Luke. The post would still be yours to use as you wish.

  3. Luke KendallLuke Kendall10-20-2016


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