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Drew Bankston – Tears of the Silent Crow: The Gary & Stacy Winslow Series, Book 1

Tears Of The Silent Crow

Tears of the Silent Crow: The Gary & Stacy Winslow Series, Book 1 (Adventure, Mystery, Romance)

tears of the silent crowIn this tale of love, romance, adventure, and mystery, Gary and Stacy Winslow are the perfect and very lucky couple. In “Tears of the Silent Crow,” the first in the Gary and Stacy Winslow series, you’ll get to meet the fun loving and life filled couple as they embark on their married life together, and get the honeymoon of a lifetime in Oahu, Hawaii, compliments of a “friend.” They are told that all of their needs will be taken care of during their week’s stay, but after they arrive, they find out that their honeymoon will involve poison, the police, and a treasure hunt to solve a one hundred and seventy year old mystery before time runs out.

The beauty and traditions of Hawaii, volcanoes, luaus, and sandy beaches are all part of this grand adventure.

“Tears of the Silent Crow” will make you fall in love with being in love, will show you how fun life can be, and will show you romance in a whole new light, with a little bit of mystery.

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