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FREE: Florence Osmund’s Living With Markus: Feb 16th-20th

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Living With Markus (Literary Fiction)

living-with-markusWhat Windy City Reviews is saying, “The characters, even the young boys, are complicated and believable, and the plot’s complexity allows the reader to see the characters from a myriad of angles. Another non-surprise is Florence Osmund, who has written yet another great book.”

Forced to choose between cultivating a satisfying life for himself and rescuing his dysfunctional family members from their certain demise causes Marc to question the importance of family.

Having put an embittered past behind him, Marc builds a successful landscaping business with clientele from the affluent suburbs of Chicago and starts to appreciate the finer things in life—and he’s found the perfect woman to share in it. But when his alcoholic sister and her two young sons enter into the picture, Marc falls victim to their helplessness and temporarily puts his own life aside. When his despondent father is added to the mix, it doesn’t take long for Marc to completely lose sight of his own dreams—and his girlfriend.

Does Marc save his relatives from their ill-fated lives, or save himself from entering into a life of self-sacrifice and missed opportunities? Painful soul-searching and late-night talks with the captivating tenant downstairs guide him to an unexpected decision and discovery of his true purpose in life.


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