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Guest Poetry – 3 Original Poems from Calvin Bland



What will death be like,
What will taking my last breath be like,
Will it end my stress at night,
Will it test my might,
Is heaven real,
How does heaven feel,
Is the devil evil,
Does he control people,
Are we all created equal,
Why’s the world in mayhem,
Can going to church really save man,
Why must we pray to you,
If you created us then who created you,
Who wrote the bible,
Why do my thoughts become suicidal,
Every time my eyes close,
What’s the destiny of mans survival,
Why are my thoughts making me psycho,
I’m asking questions because I need your help,
Talking with God made me realize I’m talking with myself.


Filled with intuitions,
Dreams and ambitions,
Creative passion,
Void of madness,
Pure imagination,
Honest fabrications,
Thoughts to change a nation,
Wiser than the adults that raise them,
Society has betrayed them,
Society keeps their minds caged in,
Teachers don’t teach they just train them,
A child’s mind is extraordinary,
But society forces their minds to become ordinary,
Losing our creative power,
Blossoming into dandelions instead of flowers,
Regain your creative presence,
By Resurrecting your child like essence.


A place where lost souls gather,
To listen to the pastor,
Waiting on the rapture,
To escape to the life after,
Fears of going to Hell and burn,
Waiting on the savior to return,
Still no appearance,
Stories passed down from our parents,
So their mysticism we inherit,
Claiming we can only be saved by the holy spirit,
But the world keeps getting worst,
Yet to be saved by a bible verse,
A million dollars to build a church,
While a child’s empty stomach hurts,
The world is berserk,
This whole world is cursed,
No point to save it,
Didn’t learn from king David,
I have the audacity,
To speak this blasphemy,
I’m just doing what God asked of me.

  1. Nicholas RossisNicholas Rossis06-12-2014

    I especially loved the line, “Didn’t learn from king David.” Nice!

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