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Mark Fleming – The Call of the Siren

The Call of the Siren (Fantasy/Thriller)

SIRENBeing Killed by the Siren is a wonderful way to die.

Introducing a new character to contemporary fantasy

The ancients called her by many names: the Nereid, a Morgan, or an Undine. The Greeks called her a Nymph. They are all very beautiful names for a beautiful killer of humans. Her name is Eleanor Orlen, and she is the last of her kind. She is the Siren

Once an object of romantic myth and legend, it took until the 20th Century for humans to find a use for her… the perfect killer.

Eleanor leaves no fingerprints, and can beguile her way into any place, mind or secret. When seen at her most beautiful, few have lived to describe her. Should you find yourself in her company near water, and should she wish for you to go farther, then you have already gone too far. She has the ability to vanish without trace, bear horrific injuries and is difficult to kill unless you know how. She is also lonely, lost, scared and frustrated, and finds herself trapped in a modern and at times cruel world. Those who entrap her, the mysterious Brabant Committee, do so with a simple ultimatum – work for us, or perish. Eleanor must conduct her hated tasks against an ever more dangerous background, with even the Vatican tracking her. Forever young and forever lonely, all she wants is her freedom, but time is now running out…

A hunter is closing in. A man whose greatest wish is to make a species become extinct.

“This mixture of an espionage thriller and a contemporary fantasy, felt like something John le Carre might have produced if he’d been tasked with writing something similar to Twilight…”


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