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Baum By The Sea

“You don’t have to be an extrovert to be interesting, just be prepared”

Although the idea of being part of the news is appealing, it’s nevertheless a daunting affair.  Achieving an interview is quite a big deal but as long as you’re prepared, then there’s everything to enjoy and absolutely nothing to fear.

If the media is interested then it means your press release did what it was meant to.  However, all that good work can be undone by being badly prepared.  It happens.  So it’s important to bear in mind the five Ws; who you are, what you wrote, why you wrote it, when you wrote it and where it’s available.

This is about getting information across to an audience as clearly as you can, so be sure to make notes ahead of the interview.  Remember, this is your opportunity to get the message out there.  This is your chance to speak about your book as only the author can.

The media will want to know about you;  they will want to know about your home life and of course your book.  They want something that will appeal to their readers or listeners so allow journalists and reporters to work with as much additional and relevant information as you can.

An interview with the media is your opportunity to shine brightly.  Make as many notes as you can by thinking of as many questions that might be asked in advance.  Think of yourself as part of the readership and specifically what you would find interesting about the article.

Remember to be authoritative and informative but above all, be prepared.

Next time I’ll be looking at copyright.

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