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October 2018 – Author of the Month

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October 2018: Holly J. Martin

Holly Martin was born and raised in Maine. She considers herself a true Mainer through and through and captures the evocative setting through her writing.

Martin has always loved reading and was finally inspired to create her own stories. She lives in Central Maine with her husband.

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Princess: The Johnson Family, Book 1 (Contemporary Romance, Erotica)

Jack Elsie Johnson thought she had a wonderful life. She had a gang of brothers who positively adored her. She led an affluent life at her family’s home in Maine. She even had an ongoing flirtation with the charming Jared Ross.

He would prove to be her doom.

After her father catches her with Jared, he virtually disowns her. Jack is forced to live in a halfway house for wayward teens run by sadistic guards. There, she experiences an assault that changes her life forever.

When Jack escapes, she takes to the streets in search of a place to belong. She finds friendship in Sam, a former special forces POW determined to help anyone in need, and Noah, a young gay model with dreams of stardom. As Jack begins creating a new life with Sam and Noah, she still faces the unbelievable pain of her family’s betrayal.

Jack doesn’t know the whole story. As she follows her dream of owning a recording studio, her brothers and Jared are all desperately searching for her. Their reunion will be more difficult than any of them expect. Jack has found a new family. Is there room in her heart for anyone else?


Harmony: The Johnson Family, Book 2 (Contemporary Romance, Erotica)

Romance author Holly J. Martin introduced readers to the charming Johnson family in Princess. Now that Jack Johnson’s story has reached its conclusion, she turns her attention to Jack’s beloved brother, Davey.

Growing up, Davey watched as his parents’ tragic romance turned his father into a stranger who drove Davey’s only sister away. He vowed that he would never make the same mistake. Now Davey never takes a relationship past the first two dates. He’s afraid of falling in love.

MacKenzie O’Riley, on the other hand, is a romantic. She befriended Jack and watched in envy as the Johnson family laughed and loved together. Jack’s family wasn’t the only thing MacKenzie desired. She pined for Davey Johnson from afar.

Years later, MacKenzie and Davey meet up at Davey’s new restaurant, Harmony. Harmony needs a new pastry chef, and MacKenzie is one of the best in the business. As MacKenzie makes a new family at the Manhattan eatery and struggles with her feelings toward her ex-fiancé, Davey finds himself in a dangerous situation. He just might be falling for MacKenzie! Will this all-consuming love lead to another tragedy, or can the two avoid the mistakes of the past?


Heaven: The Johnson Family, Book 3 (Contemporary Romance, Erotica)

Marcus Johnson wants nothing whatsoever to do with a relationship. The women he is with know exactly what they are getting and submitted willingly to. As CEO of his family’s shoe empire and the eldest sibling of ten children, Marcus has more than enough responsibilities to deal with. That is, until a beautiful woman with white-blond-and-pink hair walks into his secret S&M club, Heaven.

Zena Jones is a tough-as-nails tattoo artist who has a penchant for tagging New York City buildings in the dead of night. She has always prided herself in the fact that she doesn’t need anybody except her best friend and sister-by-choice, Trina. Until one night, she witnesses something that puts her life in danger and runs straight back to the man she can’t get out of her head. The man she has shared the most sexually freeing and erotic night of her life. He offers to keep her safe, but she has a feeling it’s her heart that’s in more danger than her life!

Heaven is the third installment of the Johnson Family series.


Sweet Love: The Johnson Family, Book 4 (Contemporary Romance, Erotica)

Quiet, reserved Ty Johnson was no stranger to broken dreams and heartache. As a professional baseball player having just been called up to the major leagues, a devastating motorcycle accident crushes those dreams forever as well as his engagement. Eight years later and still bitter about relationships, Ty was not prepared for the encounter with the beautiful, feisty Riley Garland!

Southern belle Riley Garland was adamant that she would not end up like her mother. She had watched her mother be abused by a man Riley couldn’t stand for most of her life. It broke her heart. Her mother and Gram were all she had in this world. When Riley won a cupcake baking contest, it set the wheels in motion for her to leave Hope, Alabama, and start a new life in New York. She vowed she would never let a man into her heart. That was before she met Ty Johnson. Riley knows he is in horrible pain, and she is able to take the pain away. But is she willing to take that risk?


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