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Showcase Pandemic Assistance

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Like most people, we’ve been wracking our brains, trying to find a way we can help those in need. The current worldwide pandemic has left a lot of people out of work and struggling to make ends meet. In fact, there is not a single member of the team here that is not anxious and feeling the effects.

We wish we were in a position to be able to offer some kind of financial aid to people, but unfortunately, we are not. However, we do have access to a large audience.

This next part is going to rely upon people’s honesty, so we thank you in advance for that. We would like to offer FREE promotion for the next 3 months to 50 authors who have been negatively affected by the current pandemic — job loss, financial worries etc. All you have to do is contact us below, and we will promote a book of yours, for free, to our audience until the end of June. Hopefully, this will help in bringing in some much-needed funds at a difficult time.

When you email us, all we will need is the following:

Title, genre(s), blurb, and purchase link — we’ll take the cover image from there, and Twitter username.

Once again, please be considerate of others, but if you are struggling, we’d love to help.

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