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Suzanne Whitfield Vince – My Mother’s Journals

MyMothersJournals Vince EBOOK 3

My Mother’s Journals (Women’s Fiction/Commercial Fiction)

MyMothersJournals_Vince_EBOOK (3)Before her mother’s shocking deathbed confession, before her father’s stroke, before a long string of miscarriages, Olivia Hunter’s life had gone exactly according to plan. But lately, no matter how hard she tried, nothing was working out the way it was supposed to. And it’s about to get worse.

After losing her job and her marriage in the same day, a mysterious woman delivers a box containing a set of her mother’s journals. As she begins to read, Olivia unearths her mother’s secret life. Stunned by her mother’s secrets and betrayals, Olivia’s life begins to spiral even more out of control.

But as she continues to read, she comes to see that her mother’s journey was not so unlike her own. Will the parallels help her to piece her own life back together? Will she learn to forgive the people who have betrayed her? Or will she leave the past behind and forge a new life from the seemingly irresistible opportunities that lie before her?


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