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William Shakespeare’s Birthday by Martin Baum


Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. These words written by William Shakespeare could have easily been about him.

On 23rd April will see William Shakespeare’s 451st birthday. As ever, Dorset writer Martin Baum, author of the best-selling To Be Or Not To Be, Innit, a Yoof-Speak Guide to Shakespeare, will offer a controversial insight into the Bard.

For as much as is already known about Shakespeare’s plays the same cannot be said about the man himself. After all, as a director, producer and writer, Shakespeare was the ultimate Elizabethan luvvy with a flair for self-publicity and, as an artiste, an almost certain loathing of criticism.

With so much to discover about the Bard, it has been confirmed Martin Baum’s new play about Shakespeare will be touring in 2017. This has been a long time coming after being signed by Bafta-nominated Greg Smith to write a show inspired by his book, but whose untimely death led to the show being put on hold until now.

Martin Baum’s book made Shakespeare fun, accessible and an experience for a younger generation and his play will make you think again about the character of Britain’s greatest playwright, which makes Martin qualified to offer a unique view into and about William Shakespeare on this the anniversary of his birthday.

*Take a look at Martin’s new website www.martinbaum.co.uk where you can keep up to date with events and also test your knowledge of all things Shakespeare with the Bardology quiz.

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