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Alexandra Amalova – A Lifetime in Thirty Minutes

A Lifetime in Thirty Minutes (Erotica)

a lifetime in thirty minutesTake a tour around Alexandra’s fascinatingly fertile mind in this new collection of sensual, stimulating and deceptively concise erotica.

Life on the fringes of civilised society provides a rich source of inspiration for all artistic disciplines and Alexandra examines several such scenarios in detail: voyeurs; recluses; sexual predators; internet adulterers; gamblers, naked ramblers, doms and subs.

In life as well as art, complex individual histories often converge to form brief, often frenzied dramas that can define a whole lifetime. The stories herein are set in those charged moments, the action occurring in everyday surroundings and at the whim of opportunity. Sex usually occurs as an expression of love, but is also seen as an expression of power, lust and of need. Technology is a springboard for half of the featured fables; it brings the world into our cosy homes, carrying limitless carnal opportunities to within easy reach of our tapping fingertips. Hence, infidelity is a key feature, hiding as it can behind every email’s accompanying ping, every text’s buzz, and the benign ‘Hi’ of every chatroom’s first exchange.

In these stories you will encounter confusion, fear and frustration, whilst yearning, providence and opportunity will be your constant companions. You will walk hand in hand with liars and cheats, the guilty and the innocent, yet the naked truth will never be far behind you. Begin where you will, stay as long as you like, and all the while rest assured: whatever your needs and desires, Miss Amalova has included something here especially for you.

The stories

A lifetime in thirty minutes
With his marriage in turmoil, a brief affair blossoms when Tom contacts Jade after a twenty-year hiatus. The two have but a single brief meeting in which to redress the regret of a lifetime of missed opportunity.

Rather than avoiding the man with a clipboard, an attractive young woman strides up, flirtily answers his questions and leaves her mobile number. A surprise lunchtime texting frenzy leads to an extraordinarily sensual encounter.

Moths to a flame
Two impossible yet familiar creatures share an ephemeral bliss.

A cheating wife and resultant marital tribulations are recalled as a sub’s skilled and loving Mistress inadvertently oversteps the line.

Extensive text-based sex eventually leads an ex-fireman and his online lover to a secret rendezvous.

Trust: players and parasites
In this complex and troubling tale of lust, power and reluctance, Lisa seeks retribution for her sister’s systematic abuse at the hands of a predatory gang while seeking to fulfill her own dangerous fantasy.

Ships in the night
The excitement and disarming romance of a Mediterranean cruise leads a loving young couple astray.

Fountain of youth
A scorching summer’s day, a green secluded valley and a cool chattering stream. Against this backdrop, two young lovers intent on a secluded picnic find their primal urges awoken by nature’s powerful proximity.

Gorgeous Gorgon
Who is the enigmatic woman next door? And why is she so secretive? Could she really be the faded film star-cum-notorious recluse the rumour-mongers claim? Charlie becomes obsessed with the mystery and makes it his mission to find out everything he can about her.

Dicing with life
A sexy game of chance is foreplay for two chatroom lovers on their first ever meeting. While each has their own expectations for this seminal day, the odds on a happy ending lengthen with every revealing roll of the dice.

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