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Alexandra Amalova – Coffee with C**k


Coffee With C**k (Erotica)

Coffee with CockAlexandra has once again hit the jackpot with this, her second collection of stunningly sexy naughty shorties. Incorporating the themes of trust, love, lust, infidelity, loss, loneliness and inexperience, these eight truthful and touching tales evince sexually disparate scenarios, from incest to cross-dressing, from teens to mature, and from threesomes through water-sports and anal to webcams, exhibitionism and masturbation. They will make you think, make you reflect on your own existence, but most of all they will titillate and arouse you beyond measure. Tackled in order or dipped into at will, each story is an emotional and sexually explicit journey that will leave you trembling, breathless and aching for more.

Two of the included stories mention a fictional website – erotic_fiction.co.uk – and reflect Alexandra’s debt to similar story sites, where her love for writing erotica was born and nurtured.

The stories:

Steve, Abigail, Andrea, Rae and me.
Jimmy’s affair with his wife’s twin sister – the wife of his best friend, Steve – is wild, but it pales beside his online fling with the mysterious American beauty he knows simply as Rae.

Home is the sailor.
A cruise ship steams into the night. Overwhelmed by the vast ocean and her uncertain future, a lone girl stands at the prow and casts her childhood into the vessel’s churning wake.

Like mother, like daughter.
In the middle of the night, Robbie is woken by a snarling, finger-pointing woman who claims to be the mother of the girl who has just left his flat, the girl whose damp, dirty knickers still dangle from the head of his bed.

The girl next door.
In a frenzy of lust and confusion, Eliot steals the clothes of Bianca, the beautiful girl next door, and uses them to enact intimate scenes in the privacy of his bedroom. As the summer holidays progress, the teenage neighbours develop a flirty friendship which leads to even more confusion in the young man’s mind.

Single again.
Separated after a brief but sordid affair, Karen decides a new start in a new home would be beneficial. Incredibly, she finds she is already intimately acquainted with the rude and arrogant owner of the cottage she has set her heart on, and decides to use this fact to her advantage.

Xia and the screenwriter.
An inexperienced but eager screenwriter has a porn movie script accepted and filming is quickly scheduled. After an on-set accident involving the leading man, our hero is press-ganged into a scene with Xia, the most famous porn star of her generation.

Coffee with Cock.
A young man muses over the female clientele in a bustling coffee shop, with candid commentary from his willing, eager and constantly throbbing companion.

The car park.
Finding instant affinity in a late-night chat room, two daring and fortuitously local lovers are inspired to brave the drifting snow and share a stunning hour of backseat passion.

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