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Brigette Manie – A Matter of Truth

Matter Of Truth

A Matter of Truth: The Seneca Mountain Romances (Romance/Inspiration/Contemporary Women’s Fiction)

matter of truthElizabeth Monroe needs a husband. Available candidate? There’s Isaac Jones. God, please not him. But Elizabeth must settle for what she can get. The time for being picky has long passed.

Isaac Jones is no fool. Elizabeth didn’t switch overnight from being averse to him to being attracted to him. It’s what she wants him to believe, though. He plays along with no intention of playing into her hands.

But Elizabeth has powers of persuasion that he cannot begin to imagine. And a desperate woman is a dangerous woman. He’s at the altar before he’s aware and married before he can make up his mind.

When what he withheld from her reveals what she hid from him, hell breaks loose in their lives. Now they’re both thinking that the single state might be better than all this sorrow.

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