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Brigette Manie – Firing The First Elder

Firing The First Elder

Firing The First Elder: Pioneers in the Pulpit Book 2 (Romance/Inspirational)

firing the first elder“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love Art Rollings? Not in this lifetime! Pastor Scottie McGhee despises a mere thought of that man. He is the rudest, most obnoxious human being she has ever met. Unfortunately, she has to work with him since he’s the first elder for the church to which she’s been assigned. Thoughts of getting rid of him bubble in her head every time she sees him.

Their dislike is mutual. Art cannot stand Scottie. Her sharp tongue and feisty manner aggravate him to the core. A woman who looks and acts like her should not be a preacher. He wants her gone from Euphrates SAB Church and works behind the scenes to make it happen.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, though; and in one charged moment, these two combatants find this out. Flying their white flags high, they form a truce and begin working together.

Just when Scottie gets a break from professional problems, a personal one arises. There’s a shadow in her past that she’s hidden all these years. Now somebody knows about it—somebody determined to harm her. With the threat of exposure a surety and not just a promise, Scottie must decide to come clean. Will confessing her secret cause the loss of her job and relationships that she holds dear?


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