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Brigette Manie – Local Gold

Kindle Local Gold

Local Gold: Five Brothers’ Books (Romance/Inspirational/Family & Relationships)

Kindle_Local GoldBrianna and Bart have been dancing around each other for years. A bad relationship and a baby made her commit to a man-free life. So what’s this that she’s feeling for Bart? He’s been a friend for too long, yet more and more her feelings towards him are anything but filial.

He fell for her from the time he met her heartbroken and pregnant. He offered friendship because that was what she needed at the time. But with her son, whom he claims as his own, calling him father—he’s the only dad the child knows—and with them sharing a house, this feels like the real deal which is a wife and family. Tired of settling for the counterfeit, Bart wants the real thing. He’s waited too long—six years and going—for Bri’s love. He decides to take a shot at losing his heart or gaining her love. Will she reject or receive him?

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