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Cleo Patra

cleo patraCleo Patra is an indie writer whose genre is poetry and prose. Physically limited and has Dysarthria. From an early age, she endured sexual abuse, arrogance and ignorant discrimination against her. To cushion herself against the judgments of other people, she protected herself by creating an invisible shield around herself. She could not relate to anyone and felt very lonely and isolated. When she was sixteen, she accidentally discovered she could write poems. She started writing poetry as a way to express herself without struggling to get the words out. Her thoughts could now be heard as her perfect voice and she could speak without embarrassment. She felt, and still feels, “free” when writing poetry and she has found her voice.

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Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset; Soon A New Day Will Dawn (Poetry)

Sunset Sunrise SunSunset, Sunrise, Sunset; Soon A New Day Will Dawn is an anthology of poetry regarding the life experiences, indifferent decision-making and the struggles of romantic relationships of a physically limited woman. It also provides the reader with the insight how it is to live with physical limitations as well as the hope that soon a new day will be dawn and all the life-struggles were worth it. Cleo Patra hopes the reader will find her poetry easy reading; expressing with words the emotions of the highs and lows of life.

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