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Review: Susan Moore Jordan’s Eli’s Heart

Elis Heart

Eli Levin is a musical prodigy. Albeit one born with a serious heart defect that means he may not live …

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FREE: GJ Griffiths’ The So What! Stories Trilogy: September 25th-26th

SWS Trilogy Promo Cover2

The So What! Stories Trilogy (Contemporary fiction/Humor/Crime/Thriller) This Great Blockbuster Trilogy of the So What! Stories has it all – …

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FREE: GJ Griffiths’ So What Do I Do? September 25th-26th

So What Do I Do

So What Do I Do? (Crime/Detective Thriller) This is a thriller of the “How&Why’d they do it?” category and the …

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Review: Stephen Roffe’s Beyond Hercules: An inside story of the Moroccan hash trade

Beyond Hercules

The history of the cannabis plant is ancient and glorious; its global vilification has been less than a hundred years …

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Review: Max Allan’s Hunger

The Hunger

There’s a water-borne parasite, that originated in South America, slowly making its way up through the United States, turning everyone …

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FREE: Florence Osmund’s Red Clover: Sept 5th-9th

Red Clover

Red Clover (Literary Fiction/Commercial Fiction) Lee Oliver Winekoop is born into extreme wealth, but despite his near genius IQ, he …

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Free: A. L. Wright’s Hartman House: Sept 4th-6th


Hartman House: Hartman House Saga, Book 1 (Fantasy/Horror) Imagine a house that is a safe haven from witch hunters and …

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Alison Gray – Lady’s Slipper

Ladys Slipper

Lady’s Slipper(Crime, Suspense, Thriller) Caileigh Watson was two when she witnessed her mother’s murder in the woods. She longs to …

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Review – Jeffrey Bolden’s Lucid


A short story about a thuggish, murdering, drug dealer is, well, a short story about a thuggish, murdering, drug dealer …

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Twyla Turner – Curvy Ever After

Curvy Ever After

Curvy Ever After: Forbidden Curvy Girl Fairy Tales (Erotica/Romance/Short Stories) Seven erotic and curvaceous tales. Three naughty wishes, a blood …

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Andi James Chamberlain – One Man And His Dogma

One Man And His Dogma

One Man And His Dogma – A Novel (Young Adult/Horror/Paranormal) A Man mourning the loss of his Wife and Child …

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