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December 2018’s Top 5 Featured Authors

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The most popular authors on the site during December were as follows:

December 2018

1. Doris-Maria Heilmann

doris-nva_0041-copyDoris-Maria Heilmann has more than 30 years experience in writing, publishing and book marketing consultation. She started her writing / teaching career in the field of commercial aviation. She published several books, related to aviation and also her own flight & travel magazine “USA BY AIR”, which was a great success.

Magazine and Book Publisher
Her role as a magazine publisher-editor-art-director-marketing-manager included also self-publishing of technical & non-fiction books.

At Algonquin College, she studied e-publishing / marketing, including web & graphic design, professional photography, writing for the web, editing, investigative journalism, social media and e-marketing.

Doris-Maria Heilmann has written several books on publishing and e-marketing and more than 1,600 helpful blog articles. Beside her own books, she also publishes other authors.

Doris-Maria’s author page

2. Lisa Marie Latino

lisa marieLisa Marie Latino is CEO and executive producer of Long Shot Productions, a full-service media production company based in Fairfield, New Jersey. Latino’s career has produced numerous commercial, corporate, and entertainment programs that have taken her throughout the United States as well as Europe. In 2014, Latino co-launched HipNewJersey.com, an online lifestyle program featuring the latest trends around the Garden State. Latino has appeared on a wide variety of local television, network cable, and radio shows, including TLC’s “Cake Boss” and SNY’s “Oh Yeah” and works in-season for the New York Giants Radio Network. She has also served as an adjunct broadcasting professor at Seton Hall University. In 2016, Latino added published author to her lofty resume with the release of her debut novel, “Ten Years Later.” Latino graduated from Montclair State University in 2006 with a degree in broadcasting and speech communication. She currently lives in New Jersey.

Lisa’s author page

3. Pamela Cummins

Pamela CumminsPamela Cummins specializes in dream interpretation, love and relationships, and personal growth. She is available for dream analysis, psychic readings, and coaching/mentoring. Pamela works with Angels and Guides and uses her psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to shine the light on your path. Her unique coaching and mentoring skills give you the manifestation toolbox to achieve your goals. You can read and submit questions to her two columns In the Dreamtime and The Love Channel in Bellesprit Magazine.

Pamela’s author page

4. Corin Nemec

Corin Nemec’s name comes from his nickname, Corky, given to him as a child by his grandmother. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and later moved to Atlanta. He now lives in California. His first acting parts were in the series Webster (1983) and Sidekicks (1986). He then got a part in Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988), directed by Francis Ford Coppola, followed by lead roles in I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) and My Son Johnny (1991), and the lead role in the TV series Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (1990).

Corin’s author page

5. J. Svogar

J. Svogar has been writing since she was a young child. Everything from picture books to novels, from poetry to high fantasy prose, she has tried her hand at writing. She has two novels featured here, and is working on a third, along with a set of poetry and essays about life and mental illness.

Her work tends to favor a romantic theme, along with supernatural and dark material. She does not shy away from writing darker themes, and much of her work is not meant for younger readers. Her writing has been known throughout
the online community, most notably her skill in single-story commissions, for many years.

She currently lives in Reno, Nevada, with her family, where she enjoys people-watching (particularly the weekend after Burning Man) and visiting Lake Tahoe. She is old enough to detest the question of her age, and her motto in life is “Once in a while, declare peace. It will confuse the hell out of your enemies.”

J’s author page

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