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FREE: Huw Langridge’s The Train Set: September 17th-21st


The Train Set (Supernatural)

TheTrainSetGhosts haunt our railways. Sinister seaside towns lurk at the end of branch-lines not visible on any train map. A dark and disused London Underground station harbours a diabolical secret. Families come together and grow, and families are broken apart.

“The Train Set” consists of six stories.

Two previously published works, “At Steepdean Halt”, first published in 2008 in The Ranfurly Review, and “Last Train to Tassenmere” which after its publication in Supernatural Tales received an honourable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Horror of 2009.

Rounding out the collection are three new short stories, and “Flyers”, a brand new novella.


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