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FREE: Jim Melanson’s Mama’s Slippers: Apr 30th – May 2nd

Mamas Slippers Cover Large

Mama’s Slippers (Stage Play)

mamas_slippers_cover_largeShare the journey of a Mother and Son as they navigate the adult child’s memories of a life filled with confusion, uncertainty, hurt and most importantly, the enduring and unshakable love of a woman who was both mother and friend. At a time in her life when Prince Charming should have been sweeping her off her feet, she found herself pregnant, shunned and ill-equipped for what life had in store for her. Physical abuse, hard work in horrible factories, isolation both physical and mental, a child she would give her life for…. and who would bear the brunt of her pain. This is the story of a powerhouse. A woman who refused to surrender, who learned as she went along and who never let them take him from her. How does a child raise an adult? One moment at a time. One tear at a time. One heartbeat at a time. This is also the story of a frightened, confused and hurting little man who didn’t know how to deal with this struggle called life. He could only see through the eyes of a child, when he was a child. Meet the man who looks back, who reflects and who finally comes to know and love, unconditionally, the woman who never let them take him from her.


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