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Guest Post – Aghast: A Journal of the Darkly Fantastic

Aghast 3

It’s been months of hard work, but at last the Kickstarter campaign I’ve been working on is live. It’s a terrifying leap, clicking on that LAUNCH button. AGHAST is a project that’s really important to me. A successful campaign will not only allow me to make it a reality, but also help fund other related projects.

AGHAST is a bi-annual, illustrated journal of horror and dark fantasy. The first issue will include stories by Jonathan Maberry, Tim Waggoner, Megan Arkenberg, Jeff Strand and Gemma Files.

I’m a huge fan of all of these artists and I think their work is a good representation of what AGHAST stories will be like. I can’t wait to read the stories they write exclusively for the magazine.

It has some pretty nifty rewards, like tote bags and Kraken Press ebooks, but also my favorite: You can have yourself immortalized in the illustration for issue #2. A print of the illustration will also be shipped to them. It costs a pretty penny, but I think it’d be cool for the right person and I’ll have a blast making it.

If you like art, I got you covered: If we hit the first stretch goal at 1500, all backers get a digital artbook in PDF featuring old and new work by me. I’ll be sure to throw in some exclusive stuff.

If you’re of the writing persuasion, we are still open to submissions for issue #1. You have a shot at sharing a TOC with some pretty great artists

You can visit the kickstarter right here

George C. Cotronis


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